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Questelles house firebombed, fleeing owner shot

Questelles house firebombed, fleeing owner shot


A Questelles man, whose wooden house was firebombed and riddled with gunshots in the wee hours of yesterday morning, says he is seeking assistance to have his home rebuilt.

Kimani “Triple Gold” Williams and a friend, Jamalo “Malo” Dunbar, were asleep at Williams’ home at around 2.30 a.m. yesterday, when {{more}}someone threw a Molotov cocktail at the wooden structure, causing it to catch afire.

Dunbar is said to have fled the scene and escaped unhurt, but Williams was hit by one of the bullets that followed the throwing of the makeshift bomb.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited Williams at the Male Surgical Ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) on Monday, he had just returned from the operating theatre and was in a lot of pain.

He revealed that the bullet, from what he thinks was a .38 calibre weapon, struck the outer part of his right arm, exited, and struck him in his right side before lodging in his abdomen, where it still is.

He said that he does not know who burnt down his house and shot him, but he recently had a small dispute with someone.

“I have seven children and I lost everything in that fire, except my life…I not sure what going on and I would like some assistance to rebuild and to help my children,” said the 32-year-old van driver who is lucky to be alive.

Williams said that as many as 17 shots were fired at the house while he was still inside. Police are investigating.(LC)