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Magistrate throws out case against NDP politician, student

Magistrate throws out case against NDP politician, student


Following the failure of the prosecution’s lawyer to turn up to court, a local magistrate has thrown out a case in which New Democratic Party (NDP) politician Benjamin Exeter and student Shabazaah George were charged with various offences.

Yesterday, November 21, following an application by defence lawyer Kay Bacchus-Baptiste, magistrate Rickie Burnett made the decision to dismiss at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court.

Speaking with SEARCHLIGHT, Bacchus-Baptiste expressed her pleasure at the turn of events, explaining that it has brought peace of mind to her clients.{{more}}

“I know that it was a burden hanging over them. I always maintained that this was a political matter, and I always maintained that they had no case. In the end we were victorious!” she asserted.

“I am just gratified that the long wait is over for Ben and Shabaz, and that they can go on with their lives!”

Bacchus-Baptiste also pointed out that her case had been made easier, because neither the lawyer for the prosecution, Kharim Nelson, nor the virtual complainant had turned up to court.

Exeter and George were charged with assault and resisting arrest, and obstruction and possession of an offensive weapon, respectively.

Exeter was charged that on December 29, 2015, he assaulted Corporal 632 Morris, who was acting in due execution of his duty. He (Exeter) was also charged that he resisted the arrest of Corporal 632 Morris, acting in due execution of his duty.

Furthermore, Exeter was charged that he assaulted Constable Granville De Freitas, of Chester Cottage, causing actual bodily harm.

George was also charged that day for obstructing Corporal 632 Morris, acting in due execution of his duty and that he, without lawful excuse, had in his possession an offensive weapon, to wit a zapper (taser).

Bacchus-Baptiste said that she and her clients will have to discuss whether or not they will pursue the matter any further.

“I know for sure that they are both overjoyed, because even though you may feel that something is not justified and that you can eventually win it, it’s not good to have a criminal matter hanging over you!” (JSV)