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Buccament Bay businessman shot dead in robbery

Buccament Bay  businessman shot dead  in robbery


Residents of Buccament were sent into a state of disbelief on Wednesday night when they learned of the death of community stalwart Edgar ‘Papa Reid’ Reid.

Reid, a 59-year-old shopkeeper, was shot around 7:40 p.m. at his home and business place, shortly after deciding to turn in for the night.

According to ASP Francis of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF), when police arrived on the scene, they met Reid lying on the ground with what appeared to be gunshot wounds to his head.{{more}}

“Based on information received, it seemed like it was an attempted robbery that went bad,” he stated.

Francis said while bystanders observed persons fleeing the scene, they would have difficulty in identifying the shooters.

“They were dressed in a particular way, which made it little bit difficult to identify who they were,” he explained.

A resident of the area who, along with friends, was sitting on a bench not too far from Reid’s home, told the media that he saw two guys approaching them with masks on, shortly after they heard the shots.

“One have on a red mask face and another one ah think have on a black. The one with the red mask face tell me, don’t run, stick up; so me run…,” he stated.

He said while fleeing the scene, he saw the masked men approaching the two other men who were in the area with him.

Other persons at the scene also stated that they had observed masked men casually walking away from the scene of the crime; however, no one was able to identify the men.

Cousin of the deceased Yvonne Reid told the media that her cousin was a quiet person who had no problems with others.

“He was a quiet and kind person, don’t interfere with nobody,” Reid said.

She explained that her cousin would accommodate persons in the community, even if his shop was closed.

“Even though the shop close and you come and call him, he’s gonna come out and tend to you. He sell everything: food stuff, he sell broom, mop, every little thing… you thinking about.”

Reid would have celebrated his 60th birthday next month.

Police say a post mortem examination will be carried out on the body of the deceased to ascertain the cause of his death.

So far this week, St Vincent and Grenadines has recorded six murders, four of which took place between Campden Park and Kingstown Park on Sunday night.

Reid’s death brings the number of deaths for the year to 33.

The police are asking members of the public with information that can identify the perpetrator(s) to contact the Criminal Investigations Department at 457-1211 or 456-2906 or 456-1810 or the Layou Police Station at 458-7229. (CM)