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Retired Kingstown Park nurse bashed to death

Retired Kingstown Park nurse bashed to death


Retired nurse Pamela Williams, who was killed yesterday, desperately tried to get help when she was attacked in her Kingstown Park home early Monday morning.

An eyewitness said Williams, 57, was found in the house at about 2 a.m., with blood gushing from her head. An eyewitness said her attacker had struck her numerous times in her head.

A close family member, who asked not to be named, told SEARCHLIGHT that she received a call from Williams on her cell phone. However, when the family member answered, no one was speaking on the other line.{{more}}

According to this family member, suspicions were aroused because of the time and the fact that the retired nurse appeared to be trying to signal from her bedroom window. The relative said at first the thought was that Williams was alone but then realized that a dark figure was over her striking her repeatedly.

Upon this observation, the family member began screaming for help and members of the community, who were at a nearby shop, lent assistance, however they were too late.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Williams’ neighbour Bobby Lyttle said he was at a nearby shop when someone shouted to him that Williams was screaming for help.

He said about six men went to the house armed with pipes and cutlasses and they met a man coming out of Williams’ window.

The men struck the man in his head, he fell back into the house and Lyttle climbed in the window after him. The two began to wrestle and Lyttle got the upper hand.

The other men then subdued the attacker who they said behaved erratically.

The men applied force to get the man under control. “He was moving like… he not feeling anything,” said Lyttle.

The man was held by citizens until police officers arrived on the scene.

Jorani ‘Wanny’ Baptiste , under police guard at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital

The man climbing out the window was later identified as 18-year-old Jorani ‘Wanny’ Baptiste who, up to press time, was under police guard at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Sandy Bay residents allege that Baptiste is a known substance abuser.

Baptiste is also a person of interest in the murders of Nicholas Layne, Avis Israel and her son Ronald Israel who were killed earlier that same night.

Up to the time of her death, Williams was a nurse at the Thompson Home.

Her brother, Garfield Williams while speaking to SEARCHLIGHT yesterday described his sister as a loving and caring nurse who had been in the profession from an early age. (AS)