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Woman who lost home in fire facing charges after altercation

Woman who lost home in fire facing charges after altercation


Esther Rawlins, who lost her home in a fire last week Tuesday, now has to prove in a court of law that she drew a weapon against Clinthesia Prince in self-defence.

When she appeared before the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court yesterday, Rawlins was charged with having an offensive weapon, to wit a knife, in a public place on November 1, 2016.

According to police, Rawlins and Prince and another female were all involved in an argument when the houses were on fire.{{more}}

It was reported that Rawlins pulled two knives at Prince and because of this report, she was arrested last Friday when officers met her at the police station. However, Rawlins justified her actions by claiming it was done in self-defence.

While at the scene of the fire at Long Wall, SEARCHLIGHT witnessed Rawlins and another woman participating in an expletive riddled exchange, after the woman accused Rawlins of causing the fire that claimed two houses.

Yesterday, Rawlins pleaded guilty to the charge, but told the court that the two women approached her to fight and she left and made her way into town.

She further stated that the women met her again close to the wharf and she saw a knife on a nearby table and pulled it to ward off the women, who she said approached her in an aggressive manner.

Upon hearing this, magistrate Bertie Pompey changed Rawlin’s plea to not guilty, because she claimed her actions were done in self-defence.

Station bail would continue for the Long Wall woman and she is expected to return to court to prove on her case on February 6, 2017.(AS)