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Rose Place/Bottom Town man seeks help to rebuild home

Rose Place/Bottom Town man seeks help to rebuild home


Port Security Officer Dillon Jack is seeking help to get back on his feet after a fire destroyed his Rose Place/Bottom Town home on Tuesday, October 25, around 12.30 p.m.

As a result of the fire, Jack and his four children lost all their earthly possessions and currently are not able to live together, a situation which makes the father of four anxious.

According to Jack, he left his home secured on the day of the fire and went to get some money, but while at the bank, he received a phone call telling him his home was on fire. He said that he hurried to Rose Place, where he met members of the fire department fighting the flames.{{more}}

“Everything I own gone. I need help to get rebuilt because I need my kids around me,” said Jack, who lived at the spot where the fire took place for 20 years.

He said that he does not think it was an act of arson, although he has no idea how the fire started. He, however, said that it may have been an electrical issue, but noted that only the refrigerator and television were on when the house caught fire. The property was not insured.

“Right now we shacking up with people. I’m seeking help to rebuild, but no one approach me as yet. Everything gone, passports, documents, school supplies, everything,” said Jack on Monday, while standing in front the pink burnt out structure at Rose Place.

He said that he received some help from the Welfare Department and as a result two of his school aged children (12 and 14) were able to return to school, but he needs more assistance.

“This is the first time I ever experienced this and it’s really hard, but God does everything for a reason and purpose… God will provide,” said Jack, who praised the firefighters for doing a good job to contain the blaze, stopping it from spreading to a nearby church and other homes.

“The police was very good, I must compliment them and say thanks and also thanks to my friends from Rose Place who have assisted me and helped and been there for me and giving me support,” stressed Jack.

He said that any assistance that could be given to him will be greatly appreciated and graciously accepted, as he is looking to get his family back together as soon as possible. (LC)