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Police probe Dorsetshire Hill fire

Police probe Dorsetshire Hill fire


An investigation is being carried out into an early morning fire that completely gutted a concrete dwelling house in Dorsetshire Hill.

According to reports, at around 2 a.m. last Friday, November 4, a family of five was awakened by a neighbour who observed smoke coming from the concrete structure.{{more}}

The family, two adults and three children, then fled their burning home, which was eventually destroyed by the blaze. A vehicle that was parked in the carport was also burnt.

According to one of the occupants, who did not wish to be identified, they were alerted when a neighbour pounded on their bedroom window and told them about the blaze. They managed to get out before anyone was hurt.

The occupant, who stressed that the incident could probably have resulted in serious injuries if they had not been alerted by the observant neighbour, said that they lost all their possessions in the blaze, including a vehicle.

It is not clear what caused the blaze.

This is the third fire in or around Kingstown in less than two weeks. On October 25, a fire destroyed a concrete house at Rose Place, while on Tuesday, November 1, a fire destroyed two houses at Long Wall. (LC)