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National Sports Council in search of new manager

National Sports Council in search of new manager


A new manager is being sought for the National Sports Council (NSC) to replace Jomadean May.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that interviews were carried out recently with a view to installing someone to fill that new spot.

Reports say that among those interviewed is one female who is a regular participant and winner of the Queen of the Bands competition during this country’s annual Carnival festivities. Also under consideration is one current national cricketer, who has represented the West Indies in the T/20 format, as well as being a lecturer at the St Vincent Community College.{{more}}

The replacement of May is the second major shake-up within the past seven months at the NSC. The NSC earlier this year, replaced its then chair, Jules Anthony, with Richard Branch.

May took over the post in September 2015, following the dismissal of Cecil Charles.

After one year on the job, May proceeded on vacation, with Julian Burgin taking charge of the managerial duties.

May is said to have been re-assigned within the government apparatus.

During his tenure, May sought to streamline operations at the NSC, with an emphasis of making the facilities under the aegis of the NSC viable entities.

However, his insistence on the payment of existing user fees for the facilities by organizations, in some instances, did not go down well in some circles.

May is a holder of a Master’s degree in Sports Management, obtained at Bond University in Australia.

Before that, he earned a Bachelor’s degree from the International School for Physical Education and Sports in Havana, Cuba, from 2003 to 2008.

May spent one year as a tutor at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, where he was in charge of the Physical Education programme, after which he was assigned to the St Clair Dacon Secondary School.(RT)