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‘Bleaching’ athlete thrown out of club

‘Bleaching’ athlete thrown out of club


Promising sprint athlete Tarique John is no longer part of the IT-DAT Academy set-up, because of his refusal to stop the practice of bleaching.

The action against John, who has been a member of the club for just over a year, was taken by head coach and founder of IT-DAT Academy – Michael “Lord Have Mercy” Ollivierre.

A resident of Sion Hill and a student of the Emmanuel High School Mesopotamia, John believes that Ollivierre’s action was a violation of his personal rights.{{more}}

“Bleaching is my personal right,” John told SEARCHLIGHT.

John noted that he bleaches mainly as a style and said it makes him “look good”.

He, however, revealed that he does not bleach all the time, a practice he got involved in two years ago.

Bleaching is the practice of using substances, mixtures, or physical treatments to lighten one’s skin colour by reducing the melanin content of the skin.

With the fallout with Ollivierre, John said he no longer wants to be part of the IT-DAT Academy and is seeking to join another club – X-Ceed, under the headship of Godfrey Harry.

Declaring that he loves the sport of athletics, John wants to continue on his recent set of successes, having won the 200m intermediate race at this year’s Inter-Secondary Schools’ meet. His time equalled the standing record in that event. He was also victorious in the male Under-18 200m at the Grenada National Championships, held in June at the Grenada National Stadium.

When contacted on the matter, Ollivierre confirmed taking the stance in relation to John.

“I do not tolerate bleaching,” Ollivierre said forcefully.

Ollivierre also emphasized that John was the only athlete in his camp who is involved in such a practice. He said students who are part of the IT-DAT Academy cannot show up to training sessions with earrings in their ears, and their shirts, in the case of the boys, must always be tucked in their pants.

“I don’t want to mistake the boys for the girls when we are training,” Ollivierre quipped.

He added: “I try not to teach just the athletics, but also the ways of life, deportment and other life skills.”

Ollivierre concluded that the IT-DAT Academy is holistic in its approach to its members.(RT)