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Talk show host questioned over alleged sex with minor

Talk show host questioned over alleged sex with minor


Having been questioned by police in relation to alleged unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, Igel Adams has stepped aside as the host of the New Times radio programme until police complete their investigations.

Adams, who has been the host of the radio programme for about two years now, was detained by police on Friday, October 28, as a person of interest, after the mother of a minor alleged two incidents of unlawful sexual intercourse with her daughter.

The New Times programme is broadcast on Nice Radio and produced by the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP).{{more}}

Reports are that Adams was the counsellor of the secondary school student.

Speaking on Nice Radio on Monday afternoon, Adams called on the police to act speedily, noting that he was making a statement on the issue, as he thought it was appropriate to do so.

“Let me begin by saying that it is public knowledge now that I was arrested on Friday, which was the 28th day of October 2016, over an allegation of having unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl below the age of 15.

“It is also public knowledge that I was released Saturday night, the 29th October 2016 without charge, pending further investigations,” said Adams, who described himself as a Christian.

The radio host has denied all wrongdoing.

“I, Igel Adams, want to state categorically that I deny any and all allegations brought against me. Those allegations are false and unfounded,” he stressed.

The Green Hill resident added that when police officer Michelle Andrews accused Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves of rape, the NDP took the stance that the Prime Minister should step down pending investigations and he (Adams) agreed with the stance, so he is stepping down as the New Times radio host until the investigations are completed.

“…when Dr Gonsalves was charged, Mr [Arnhim] Eustace (President of the NDP) demanded that Gonsalves must step aside until the matter is dealt with. As one who was in agreement with that position and still is (sic), I, as a Christian and an individual who believes in fair play do take this decision today to stand down as host of the NDP New Times until the police have completed their investigations.

“I am therefore calling on the police to at least try to conclude the investigation as speedily and as complete as possible.”

Adams said he made the statement, as persons were waiting to hear from him.

“I would not allow something like that to pass without making a statement,” said Adams. (LC)