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Kesha wins Miss Young Mother Pageant

Kesha wins Miss Young Mother Pageant


Hundreds of patrons waited until the wee hours of Thursday, October 27/Independence Day to see if their favourite contestant would be crowned Miss Young Mother 2016, but in the end, supporters of Miss Sugar Apple Kesha Douglas were the ones who cheered loudly.

Douglas, who represented her hometown of Layou, where the fifth installment of the pageant was held on the community hard court, smiled and embraced her two children after taking the top spot in the competition that was contested by six other young mothers.

The 27-year-old, who initially said that she had been asked for three years to participate in the show before responding positively, was confident that she would win from the start and said so in a pre-show interview.{{more}}

The former teacher had entered six shows before the Wednesday, October 26, 2016 pageant and had placed second six times. En route to taking the crown, Kesha also won the Best Talent segment, after raising 84 points and the Interview segment with 103 points.

“I feel excited and speechless at the same time, because after six shows, I finally won. So, maybe you have to have kids to win a show,” said Kesha, during her post show interview.

She said that while she expected to win, when she observed the other contestants, everyone seemed to be putting more into their performances and were doing well, so she became a little nervous.

“After I saw that, I said that I would try to build up my performances by keeping eye contact with the crowd and smiling, among other things,” explained Kesha, who said that her swimsuit did not fit well, as she got it late and had to improvise to get it to fit properly.

In relation to her talent, Kesha said that she decided to send a message to young ladies who may or may not have kids.{{more}}

“I wanted to tell them to protect themselves by abstaining, using a condom or joining Family Planning,” said Kesha in her talent, which was entitled “A Mother’s Cry” and written by her.

The elated mother said that she would take part in other shows, once she gets the opportunity, as it was a great experience.

“We (contestants) are all still friends; we still have a chat group and we are all satisfied with the show and the results,” revealed Kesha, whose children are named Unique and Dante.

Coming in second was Miss Sapodilla Maria Lewis, who also won the Best Evening Gown category. Third place went to Miss Damsel Cremesha Chapman, who won Best Introduction and the Miss Congeniality Award. Fourth place went to Miss Fat Pork Telisha Small, who won the People’s Choice Award.

Miss Pomegranate Patrice Walker won the Swimwear category, while Miss Mango Melissa Walker was Miss Photogenic. The other contestant was Miss Golden Apple Sherica Primus.

The show was hosted by Joanna Christopher-Joseph of Joanna’s Modelling Agency.(LC)