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Officer commended for good policing

Officer  commended for good policing


A police officer on Wednesday came in for commendation after he found a bag containing a cellular phone, a lighter and cannabis hidden in the bathroom of the Magistrate’s Court.

The suspicion of police constable Ash was raised when a prisoner charged with murder repeatedly requested permission to use the bathroom during a sitting of the Serious Offences Court.

Senior prosecutor Adolphus Delpesche commended Ash for his good work..{{more}}

On June 9, Ash also practised good policing when he foiled an attempted burglary a few yards away from the Serious Offences Court

According to an article in SEARCHLIGHT’s June 10, 2016 edition, a Kingstown Park resident alerted officers around 10:30 that morning after he became suspicious of some men who were in the vicinity of the house.

After a brief chase, during which a warning shot was fired, police were able to apprehend one of the men in the Level Gardens area.(AS)