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Father finds son dead in vehicle with gunshot wound

Father finds son dead in vehicle with  gunshot wound


Michael ‘Kye’ Sylvester says that he is not surprised that his son, Kyron Sylvester, was murdered as he had warned him on many occasions about the persons he kept company with.

Kye, a popular restauranteur who operates Kye’s Vegetarian Cuisine at Paul’s Avenue, {{more}}stressed that Kyron was not a bad or miserable person, but he kept bad company.

At around 2.30 on Wednesday morning, two gunshots rang out in the Glen/Villa area, just above the Community College. At about 6.30 the same morning, Kye found Kyron lying dead in his Suzuki Sidekick, with a gunshot wound to the head.

According to the hurting father, at around 2.30 a.m., he was awakened by gunshots and the first thing that came to mind was Kyron’s whereabouts and his safety.

“I say boy like is my son outside, must be he get shot, but I didn’t go outside, because it was a dangerous thing to do, so I stayed inside and went back to sleep and I came out around 6.30 and saw him there, shot in his head,” said Kye on Wednesday, while speaking to the media a few feet away from where his son met his demise.

Kye said that despite a few unsavoury friends, Kyron was a very helpful 19-year-old who worked as a cashier at the family restaurant.

“He was a cool going nice person who was always excited about things. I feel people take advantage of his personality, his kindness and niceness,” said the dejected father on Wednesday.

“I feel real bad to know I come meet my son dead a morning. It’s not that it hit me with surprise because of the kind of people he liming with…the people he have around him you expecting… you don’t know how death coming, whether you going to die in an accident or what…,” said Kye who noted that he hasn’t felt like himself since the incident.

He added, “I was kind of expecting it because the kind of people he was hanging out with was terrible. I spoke to him many times and he tell me ‘Yeah Dad,’ then he go back to he old ways”.

Kye said that it seems as if Kyron was expecting something to happen to him.

“He did something strange yesterday (Tuesday, October 18). He wear a gun pendant (on his chain), something that he never wear and I asked him why he had it on and I said that might be the last chapter.

“Like he know his death was coming, he was showing me signs. He shout me big in Heritage Square last night and I stopped, because I thought he wanted something and he said, ‘I just shouting you’ and that was the last time I heard his voice,” noted Kye, who thinks that his son’s attacker waited until he had parked his vehicle and shot him from behind.

“I will miss him. He was a good help to me. I was telling him the other day that he has to learn to operate the macaroni machine at the restaurant and he said he knew how and I told him that it had certain things he should know,” remembers Kye.

According to reports, Kyron was mortally wounded moments after he had dropped off his girlfriend, who also lives at Glen.

Two persons living in the area, who preferred not to give their names, described Kyron as mannerly and always smiling.

“I don’t know who would want to kill him,” said a female Glen resident.

Over the last few months, the Glen/Fairhall area has been a hotbed of criminal activity, with reports of numerous shootings and sightings of prowling gunmen. In one case, Molotov cocktails were thrown into a house, burning it to the ground.

Police are investigating. (LC)