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Woman mad over butt groping

Woman mad over butt groping


A Gibson Corner woman is furious that police officers have not contacted her since she made a report about a man groping her last month.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, Venessa Antoine, 39, said that on September 8, 2016, she was at a taxi stand in Kingstown when a man grabbed on to her buttocks.

“I just feel somebody grabble me by me bottom,” she recounted.{{more}}

Antoine says she thought it was a female, because females sometimes greet her in that way, playfully.

“When me do look up is a man,” Antoine said with anger and disappointment in her voice.

She identified the man as an Edinboro resident with dreadlocks, whom she knows from about Kingstown. Antoine said she then caught up with the man and asked why he grabbed her, but he didn’t reply.

According to the woman, the matter was then reported to a named female police officer at the Criminal Investigations Department and the officer went to the man’s place of employment where she says he apologized and told officers he “butt up” up on her by accident.

“If he butt up pon me, me wouldn’t go in the station; he grabble me by me bottom,” she stressed.

Antoine said she told the officers she was pressing charges, made a formal report and was told she would be contacted. However, after five days she became impatient and went back to the station and met the officer.

“She meet me and telling me she hear I coming and asking for she, weh me ah go come go look for she for,” the Gibson Corner woman recounted.

Antoine told SEARCHLIGHT that she complained to the officer that she didn’t like the fact that the man grabbed her and since then, a month and nine days have passed and she hasn’t received a call from the officer.

“Every time I go in the station to make a report, dem never ah do me justice,” she added.

“Me is a poor woman; them nah deal with me how they supposed to deal with me and I don’t like it and I feel upset about it!” she said angrily.

“Me ain’t nobody scapegoat for people just come and grabble me b***y just so and you could do me as you feel like and he’s telling me is butt up he butt up; I must know the difference of butting up,” Antoine said, adding that there was enough space on the road for the man to pass without touching her.

She said the police officer told her they would deal with the matter, but it has not been dealt with.

SEARCHLIGHT made efforts to contact the investigating police officer; however, she was not on duty when we visited. (AS)