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Demolished banana boxing plant causing scare in Buccament area

Demolished banana boxing plant causing scare in Buccament area


Large concrete pillars which were left intact when a banana boxing plant was demolished about three years ago are causing a scare in the Buccament area.

Resident Norma Browne explained to SEARCHLIGHT last week that about three years ago, the boxing plant was closed and later demolished and the concrete pillars were left standing. She said that over time, they have grown unsteady and seem as if they are ready to fall.

The problem, according to Browne, is being compounded by the fact that the spaces in and around the pillars are attractive to children, who run and play there daily, despite warnings from adults.{{more}}

“We have a problem with the columns because we have a lot of kids around the place. The poles shaking, so we are asking whoever is responsible if they could come and push them down,” said Browne, who noted that the structures are not very sturdy at this point and villagers fear a catastrophe.

She said that the roof and other materials have been removed, so she has no idea why the pillars were left behind. She revealed that a nearby shed that was part of the boxing plant was also left behind and that too is dilapidating rapidly, leaking and looks as if it will soon collapse. She said that the boxing plant was used to service the Vermont and Penniston area.

“We get scared about it, walking through there and we afraid it would drop on our kids and so on. They are shaking if you pass and touch on them,” said Browne.

She said that many persons with children live in the area.

“A woman looked at it from the road and tell us we should try get them come down, so we are asking for help to get them down,” said Browne.(LC)