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Cheeky woman apologizes for flashing bum at journalists

Cheeky woman apologizes for flashing bum at journalists


A woman who bared her naked buttocks to journalists outside the Serious Offences Court as they attempted to take her photograph has apologized to members of the media for what she now considers outlandish behaviour.

“I want to apologize to the whole of St Vincent and the Grenadines,” said Reina ‘May May’ McDonald, when she visited SEARCHLIGHT on Monday.

Last Thursday, September 22, Reina’s son, Delano McDonald, was sentenced to four years in prison for possession of a firearm.{{more}}

When the sentence was read by Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias, Reina, who was in the courtroom with her sister, burst into tears and was asked to leave the court. Officers trying to hold on to the distraught woman were chided by her.

“Don’t touch me,” said the angry woman, as she stormed from the court and proceeded to the courtyard, where she bawled openly.

As a journalist attempted to take her photo, she turned around, bent over, raised her dress and bared her buttocks to the camera.

“I’m miserable when I’m ready, but I’m not a bad person or a menace to society and I am not crazy. At that present moment I could not have got away from that camera man and I was very much terrified; it’s just that at that moment I chipped and I did not know myself when that happened,” stressed Reina apologetically.

She said that when she heard the sentence, she broke down in tears and tried to hold her peace, but she could not.

“My nerves had already act up when I heard my son try to explain himself, so I shouted out ‘Oh God no’ when the magistrate said the four years; then when she said I had to leave and the policeman come and hold me, I had an extremely painful armpit boil and it hurt a lot when the police officer held my arm, so that is the reason I told him not to hold on to me,” explained Reina.

Reina said that when she left the courtroom, that is when she really broke down and cried.

“…I have my business and it is hard to know that I would be violated like that by the cameraman who was trying to take my picture,” said Reina, as she apologized profusely for her crude behaviour.

“I tried to get away from the camera and I could not bear it no more and I did that. I want to tell the public that I am very sorry about it and that is not me and I am feeling so embarrassed and so ashamed of what I did,” stressed the now sorrowful Ottley Hall resident.

She said that her mother who resides in the United States and her daughter who lives in Barbados read about her behaviour and both of them called her expressing shock. She said that she has since apologized to members of her family, including her son Delano.

“They realized that I don’t act like that,” stressed Reina, who says that she will stand by her son while he does his sentence, which she knows will rehabilitate him.(LC)