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Donated farm equipment brings relief to BCK

Donated farm equipment brings relief to BCK


Bishop College Kingstown (BCK), a secondary school owned by the Anglican Church, is the recipient of a set of farming equipment, compliments the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kingstown.

Agriculture teacher at the BCK Conroy Huggins told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday that the donation is very timely as the school is short of tools.

Speaking after a handing over ceremony at the school’s compound at Paul’s Avenue, Huggins said that the tools that they have are not a lot, although they get support from other entities from time to time.{{more}}

“Working with children, sometimes tools get damaged so when the Catholic Church offered to help us, and the amount that they gave us, we were kind of surprised but we are really thankful that they done this,” said Huggins.

The teacher also said that at the BCK, agricultural science is taught from form one to five and the school is the only one in Kingstown that does this. He said that the donation is highly commendable as agriculture and food are what feed the world, not oil or tourism.

“We are really thankful and we know that this donation will go a long way,” stressed Huggins.

Catherine Lewis, the Integral Human Development Officer of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kingstown said that the Church gives to individuals, farmers’ groups and schools who are in need, without consideration of denomination or religion.

She said that they also donated to some schools in the Mesopotamia area and are currently engaged in trying to donate to farmers’ groups on the Leeward side of the island.

She said that the Church, who received the tools from abroad, were asked to distribute them to deserving organisations.

Lewis said that the tools are expected to last a while and they will look at replenishing, if they get the same sort of tools in the future.

Principal Cecelia Akers-King commented that the donation is very good for the school as the school’s agricultural science program will benefit tremendously.

“This is very good being an Anglican School and we are having a donation from the Catholic Church. This speaks about fellowship and it is good that we have this sort of fellowship as we have the same Christian beliefs and values,” said Akers-King.

The donation comprises 24 cutlasses, 24 files, 24 hoes and sticks, 12 forks, 12 shovels and 12 rakes.(LC)