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Mother spoke to son about living a ‘more godly’ life

Mother spoke to son about living a ‘more godly’ life


Weeping openly, Veronica McKie said that on Tuesday morning, she spoke to her son about coming back to Jesus and living a more godly life.

But Veronica’s son, Sorono McKie, did not get the opportunity to heed his mother’s call, as later that day, at around 8:44 p.m., he was gunned down while driving along the Glen public road. He died on the spot.

Veronica said that she spoke to her son about God, not because she thought he was involved in anything bad, but because he was once a devout Baptist who was baptised, but had slipped from his path.{{more}}

“This come as a big shock to me. We use to have a lovely relationship. Anytime he comes, he makes us laugh and play with us and we always having fun. We were having fun yesterday and I was speaking seriously about the Bible and about Jesus,” said Veronica, who noted that Sorono was the youngest of her four children. She said that the 24-year-old mechanic was born on January 24 and had no children.

“…You see how me feel; you meet me ah cry. I was speaking to him Tuesday morning and he said he was going to town, but he never came back; then I hear them say he died. I never heard about him being bad. I don’t know what it was about,” said the Fairhall resident, crying.

Veronica, a staunch Christian, said that on her travels, she always gives advice to the young people she meets. She says that she warns them about going astray and tells them that the Lord needs them.

“I will like to tell the young people to accept the Lord, accept him before it’s too late,” stressed Veronica.

Fitzroy McKie, Sorono’s brother said that he was liming in Glen when he heard about 12 gunshots and someone commented, “somebody dead.”

He said that a few minutes later, a photo was sent to someone’s phone and when he looked at it, he realized that it was his brother.

“I started crying. We were close and I don’t like it, but I can’t do anything about it. I think the youth them should calm down; the place getting real serious,” said Sorono’s brother.

The dead man’s sister, Dilma DaSilva, feels disappointed about the death.

“I am sorry he died the way he did and I just want to give advice to the youths, stay away from trouble and stay at home because you don’t know who is your friend from your enemy. When you think is bush, is people,” said Dilma.

Family friend Bishop Bonadie, pastor at the Mount Halibeth Christian Church of the World (Villa) described Sorono as, “a nice person”. She said that she knew him for a long time and that she, like Dilma, is very disappointed about the way he died.

“What is happening? The main thing is that sometimes you see murders happening and they never find the person. There is a case next to me with a murder of someone who was living next to me and they never found the killer. It is time the police find these men, because it sad that this young man have to lose his life,” said Bishop Bonadie.

She said that over the past few years, the society has become very dangerous and there seems to be no solution and persons do not know what to do.

“I hope that the police force would get more equipped and be around more, especially in the hot spots. Sorono was a nice young man; I always speaking to him. It’s a shocking situation. I hope that something can be done about the crime rate building up,” stressed the Bishop.