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Three shot at Roucher Bay birthday party

Three shot at Roucher Bay birthday party


Kimron Matthews, one of three men shot in Roucher Bay, Campden Park on Sunday morning, says that he would like to see the shooter punished for the reckless act.

The wounded man, who is housed at the Male Surgical Ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) with a bullet stuck in his right kneecap, said that last Sunday at around 3:50 a.m.,he was enjoying a party atmosphere with some friends in Campden Park/Lower Questelles when he heard loud bangs and felt a sting on his knee.

He said that a few minutes earlier, a “short guy” was in the area where the party was taking place, who had come back after leaving an hour earlier, at which time, he and the two other men, Ivan Matthews and Zavia Durham, were shot.{{more}}

“…He come by a fence and start burst shot,” said Kimron, who thinks that the gunman was aiming at Zavia, but missed and hit Ivan and when he realized that he had missed his target, fired another shot, which this time struck its mark.

Kimron said that the first shot struck Ivan (who is his cousin) above his knee and the second shot went through Zavia’s upper thigh and lodged in his (Kimron) kneecap.

“I feel the sting and I walk around wondering what happen; my ears was singing. I did not realize I get shoot,” said Kimron, who opined that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and as a result, caught a stray bullet that could have ended his life if it had hit him somewhere else.

“I mean I was at a party having fun. This man come with no mask nothing and the thing is, he drop he jersey after. This thing burning me. It make me feel down and out,” stressed the machine operator, who is expected to undergo surgery soon to remove the bullet.

He said that he is upset that he cannot report to work and described the shooting as reckless and senseless.

On Monday when SEARCHLIGHT visited Kimron, he said that Zavia had already been released from the hospital. An attempt to find Zavia was unsuccessful. The other wounded man, Ivan, was up to press time, also still a patient at the MCMH.

The police are investigating the shooting and reports are that a suspect had been detained, but has since been released. Up to press time no one had been charged with the crime. (LC)