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Rastafari group stands in solidarity with Taiwan

Rastafari group stands in solidarity with Taiwan


The Order of the Greiggs Rastafari Progressive Society (RASFARCO) has publicly expressed thanks to the government and people of the Republic of China (Taiwan) for their past and continued assistance.

In a release issued yesterday, the group, a registered organization with “deep cultural and spiritual connections,” said while they disassociate themselves from all political parties, they stand in solidarity with Taiwan.

The group issued the statement following an annoucement on August 23 by president of the New Democratic Party (NDP) Arnhim Eustace that if his party is elected to government, they would switch allegiance of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) from Taiwan to mainland China.{{more}}

SVG has had unbroken diplomatic relations with Taiwan since 1981.

“Today, I and I of the Greggs Rastafarian Progressive Society, stand predominate in our forward expression of solidarity with the Government and people of Taiwan,” the leader of the group said.

“In the livety of St Vincent and the Grenadines wherein I and I abound our order of Rastafari respects and honours the expression of any group of human beings of their right to self-determination. The rights and virtues of the Government and people of Taiwan ought to be highly respected,” the release said.

RASFARCO, which was recently registered as a cooperative, will be launched in September, 2016.

The release expressed thanks to chief Lee and other members of the Taiwanese agricultural mission, for their assistance in agriculture over the years.

“Our nation has been on the side of benefit from Taiwan. On this matter, I note that Rastafari of Greggs Progressive Society disassociates from the stance of all political parties and their voices.”

The release said the members are doing what they consider to be righteous, that is, the support of the unity of all nations.

“The Greggs Rastafari Progressive Society promotes Liberation and the singing of a global redemption song of non-oppression.

“We are not the enemy of mainland China nor are we blind friends of Taiwan, we are promoters of peace, love, goodwill, unity, world peace and the forward of citizens to always be allowed to express their right to navigate their political and economic future. In cases when this is not allowed we will have war,” the release said.

The release quoted Psalm 91 as encouragement to the people of Taiwan and asked that the message of the psalm be sent to Taipei.

“We encourage the people of the World to stand in the full support of the people of Taiwan!” the release said.