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Barnet Fair Hair rebranded as Stylin’ Chic

Barnet Fair Hair rebranded as Stylin’ Chic


Auldine Browne, hairstylist and make-up artist has rebranded and is reintroducing herself to the Vincentian public.

Browne, who formerly operated under the name ‘Barnet Fair Hair’, has rebranded her salon to “Stylin’ Chic” and extended her business to include a retail store.{{more}}

She told SEARCHLIGHT during an interview last Friday that she renamed her business to coincide with the launch of her make-up line.

“I am now launching my make-up line and I am extending my brand into the retail outlet. I decided now would be the opportune time to

actually give it my name…give it something that is more associated with me,” the experienced stylist said.

Browne who has been in the beauty industry for over 16 years and a cosmetology tutor for 10 of those years, says her retail store, ‘Glitz and Glam’, will carry her make-up line ‘Auldine’s Dare to be Different,’ as well as accessories.

She explained that she always had a love for make-up and would keep up to date with trends in the make-up world. Browne explained that it was during a trip to Trinidad that she took her love for make-up to the next level and began taking courses in make-up artistry.

“I always liked make-up; I always read a lot about make-up and bought magazines so I can learn about the latest trends,” she stated.

Browne said her work 12 years ago in helping to launch a local make-up line also propelled her to make her personal dream a reality.

Her make-up line, ‘Auldine’s Dare to be Different’, according to Browne, is just as her tag line says — different.

According to Browne, her make-up contains SPF protection against the sun’s rays.

“It doesn’t sit on your skin; it blends right into your skin to give you that smooth flawless finish,” she stated.

The line, Browne said, also includes eyeliners, several shades of lipstick and a satin balance foundation, which is ‘light-weight, water-based, hypoallergenic and blends in with your complexion’.

While Browne did not choose the names of her lipsticks, she disclosed that she is looking to release a signature colour that is synonymous with her.

The businesswoman says she hopes to sell her products on the regional market and after her website is developed, it is her aim to get her product sold internationally.(CM)