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Opposition Leader to make press statement

Opposition Leader to make press statement


There is widespread speculation among members of the public about what will be announced by Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace during a press briefing scheduled for today at 11:30 a.m. at New Democratic Party (NDP) headquarters.

When the media event was first publicized early yesterday, it was said that Eustace, {{more}}president of the party, would take no questions.

“Format is a press statement by the leader, with NO questions afterwards,” a message broadcast yesterday by Douglas DeFreitas, proprietor of Nice Radio said.

However, during his weekly radio program on Nice Radio yesterday, Eustace said that he would take a limited number of questions after his statement and only on the topic of his presentation.

While he did not disclose why the press briefing was being held, the Opposition Leader, however, said he would be speaking about something important.

Some have speculated that Eustace, who has led his party to four consecutive general election defeats, may announce his resignation as Leader of the Opposition and president of the NDP. However, others have dismissed this, saying that Eustace has already signalled his intention to put himself up for re-election as president of the NDP at the overdue convention of the party, which he said will be held this year.