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Four Grammar School boys among top CSEC candidates

Four Grammar School boys among top CSEC candidates


Four of the top students in the 2016 CXC Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations are students of the St Vincent Grammar School (SVGS).

And while the boys have distinct personalities and diverse interests, one of the things they agree on is that a strong family structure is a key element of success at the student level.

The boys — Sujith Nedd, Alron Harry, Geran Maule and Gerard Porter visited SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday to share their recipes for success and hopes for the future.{{more}}

Sujith Nedd, who passed 14 subjects, received grade one passes in 12 subjects (English B, English A, Mathematics, Human and Social Biology, Biology, Geography, Social Studies, Principles of Business, Information Technology (IT), Electronic Document Preparation Management (EDPM), Spanish and French). He returned grade two passes in Chemistry and Physics.

The son of Dr Conrad and Kaushalya Nedd, Sujith is 16 years old and lives at New Montrose. In relation to his achievements, Sujith offered, “I had a lot of faith in God and I did a lot of hard work. I thought I would have done better and although I am grateful, I am disappointed with the twos.”

An ardent church goer who likes playing the piano, cooking and reading, Sujith said he hopes one day to be a gastroenterological surgeon. He also revealed that he wanted to do two more subjects but his music teacher had to leave the country and an Additional Math tutor was not available.

Alron Harry is 16 years old and a resident of Calder. The son of Clare and Albert Harry, he passed 13 subjects; 12 with grade one and the other, a grade two pass. He returned grade one passes in Biology, EDPM, English Language, English Literature, Geography, IT, Mathematics, Physics, Physical Education, Principles of Business, Social Studies and Spanish. He returned a grade two in Chemistry.

Sharing that he hopes to pursue studies in civil or mechanical engineering, Alron thanked God for his success and noted that proper time management played an important role in his success.

“Overall. I am really thankful even though I am a bit disappointed with Chemistry. It was not my best subject,” stressed Alron, who is an athlete, footballer, pan player and the 2015/2016 headboy at the SVGS. He added, “My parents played an important role in helping me to study and focus for exams,” he said.

Gerard Porter of Fairhall is also 16 years old and returned grade one passes in the 12 subjects he sat — IT, English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Social Studies, Principles of Accounts, EPDM, Spanish and Geography.

“God, studying and good teachers played an important part in my success. My advice to others is, don’t wait too late to start studying,” said the son of Gilbert and Samantha Porter who has not yet decided on a career path. A member of the New Testament Church of God, Gerard said that when he heard that he had done well, he thanked God.

“I always thought I would do well and my parents helped me,” said Gerard.

Sixteen-year-old Geran Maule also returned grade one passes in all 12 subjects he sat — Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, English Language, French, Geography, IT, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Principles of Business and Spanish.

The Dorsetshire Hill resident said that he started studying early and had the support of his colleagues and family and also a strong faith in God.

“Put God first,” stressed Geran who is thinking about a career in the medical field. Geran, who was the deputy headboy in the 2015/2016 school year, plays the piano and steel pan. He said that he expected to do well and in no way is he disappointed with his performance.

He is the son of Monty and Roslyn Maule and noted that POB, Music and French were extra subjects which he did because he was advised to write a business subject (POB); his French teacher encouraged him as he was good at both French and Spanish and he liked music.

The four boys all plan to continue studies at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC) in the Sciences.

They collectively thanked teacher Randy Cornelius Boucher who helped lead them to victory in the 2014/2105 RBTT Young Leaders Competition. All of the boys were part of that winning team with Harry as president. (LC)