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Starlift is hero of Community Bands in Junior Panorama

Starlift is hero of Community Bands in Junior Panorama


Victoria Park erupted in chants of “four in a row” last Sunday, after the Starlift Steel Orchestra secured its fourth consecutive victory in the Community Bands section of Junior Panorama competition.

The band, which performed ‘Pan in Me Soca’ by Ulric Wilson and D’Rebels, beat out four other bands at the Victoria Park at the 25th staging of the competition.

Second position went to the Symphonix Steel Orchestra, while Sion Hill Euphonium had to settle for third place.{{more}}

Speaking to the media after their win, musical director of the Starlift Steel Orchestra Kingsley ‘Hero’ Roberts said that he knew that they would win this year’s competition.

“I heard all of the other bands and I know what we have and I heard what they have…and I know we were the clear winner.”

He noted that a lot of work went into their performance; however, because the students had exams, it became a bit difficult at times.

“So we had to start working early, sometimes stop and come back…,” Roberts explained.

However, he stated that he understands the importance of education and gives way for his pannists to study and prepare for their exams.

Roberts admitted that there were areas in the song where they struggled, but he kept drilling and motivating his team.

“All it needs is practice; dedicate yourself and apply yourself and it will happen and that is what happened here tonight,” he said.

Starlift Steel Orchestra is also the reigning Senior Panorama champion and Roberts indicated that patrons of Steel and Glitter can expect nothing less than fire from his steel orchestra.

For the first time since the inception of the Junior Panorama competition, cash prizes were awarded to the first, second, and third place winners in each division.

The other bands in the competition were: New Dimension Steel Orchestra and Genesis Steel Orchestra. (CM)