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Why is my son being held so long? – Mother

Why is my son being held so long? – Mother


The mother of a man who has been awaiting extradition to Canada, in connection with a 2013 homicide, is questioning why the process has so far taken 10 months.

Speaking with SEARCHLIGHT last Wednesday, June 15, Desiree Holder called on local authorities to explain why her son Kshawn Rocque was apprehended by police officers since last August but has yet to be sent back to Canada to answer to the authorities there.

“I want to know what they doing with him, have him lock up so long… What are they doing?” questioned Holder, a resident of Lowmans Leeward.{{more}}

“Dem police will not give me no information,” she lamented. “I don’t know what happened in Canada, but I just want someone to tell me what’s going on with my son; if he is going back to Canada or not.”

She further pointed out that she was not aware that her son was to be extradited to Canada until she read the SEARCHLIGHT article reporting on her son’s situation in the Tuesday, June 14, 2016 edition.

“When I last spoke to him, he said they might send him back. That’s what he said – might. They already do over his passport everything.”

The mother of five added: “I say I want to go see the PM but he is so busy. Every time you go, you ain’t getting through… They does pick out who they want to see.”

She also lamented that she is having difficulty getting in contact with her son’s lawyer to find out more about what is happening with her son.

Holder recalled that last August, her son was living with his sister on Union Island when police officers took him into custody and sent him up to the mainland.

“They say he wanted in Canada for second degree murder – he and three other boys – with some shooting. But I asked him; he said he was not there, but it was his friend. They meet him in the car when the officers stopped them… but he was not there when it (the murder) happened.”

Holder said that Rocque migrated to Canada in 2010 but was deported in 2013 – leaving behind a girlfriend who was pregnant at the time.

“The baby done born til the baby going three years old this year, and he never see her.”

Holder, who is self-employed, insisted that her son is a “nice guy”, and prior to his troubles in Canada, had never been involved in anything illegal here in SVG.

“He was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” she insisted. “Everybody knows that he is not that kind of person. We can’t swear for people but, company…. He’s my son and I love him and I want the best for him. But I will leave it in the hands of God to work it out.”

When SEARCHLIGHT contacted Commissioner of Police Michael Charles, he declined to comment on the matter as, according to him, he is not at liberty to discuss it.

However, he did stress that although Rocque is being kept at Her Majesty’s Prison while he awaits extradition, he is not in the custody of the Royal SVG Police Force.

Kshawn Rocque is still listed on the website of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as one of their ‘Most Wanted’ men – linked to the May 2013 drive-by shooting death of Fehmi Sen in Montreal, Quebec. (JSV)