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Aspiring pilot flies high in 2016 CEPA

Aspiring pilot flies high in 2016 CEPA


Luke Wilson of the St Mary’s Roman Catholic School will go down in history as the top performer in the 2016 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA).

Wilson scored 88 per cent for Language, 96 per cent for Mathematics and 100 per cent for Science.

Among the 1,786 students who wrote this year’s exam, he was the only one to achieve a perfect score for Science.{{more}}

11-year-old Wilson shared with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday how he prepared for CPEA.

“I worked along with my teachers, my parents and some of my classmates,” he said.

He also said that preparations for his exam were not stressful.

“It wasn’t stressful, it was quite easy,” said the Green Hill resident. He said that he had expected to do well and gave credit to his teachers whose assistance helped to build his confidence. “I was expecting it because my teachers worked along with me.”

The youngster, who aspires to be a pilot, hopes to attend the St Vincent Grammar School in September.

He is the son of Andrew Wilson and Lystra Culzac. Culzac expressed how proud she was of her son.

“Today I’m very excited about Luke’s achievement. I’m also very proud of him,” she said.

“He’s very committed to his work and anything he is passionate about. I’m really happy for him and I want him to continue to shine, be committed and pursue his dreams,” the smiling mother added.

Claudia Windsor, who has been a teacher at the school for 32 years was elated when she spoke to SEARCHLIGHT and referred to the school’s performance as a “nice retirement gift.”

“Since last year we were saying that this class will do even better than last year’s class. Most of the children did extremely well,” she said.

“This is my retirement year and I am so proud. The children have made my day,” said the Grade 6 teacher of Civics, Health and Science.

When she spoke to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, head teacher of the school Eula Johnny expressed her satisfaction with the school’s performance.

“I’m very happy about our performance. We did well and I want to congratulate all those who put an effort into it.”

The St Mary’s Roman Catholic School achieved a pass rate of 100 per cent in this year’s CPEA. Two other pupils of the school secured top ten positions. They are Aturo Parsons who placed 5th for boys and 7th overall, Chad Stapleton who placed 7th for boys and 10th overall.

David Dunn placed 10th for boys and 13th overall. (CA)