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Vincentian on ‘Most Wanted’ list in Canada in police custody

Vincentian on ‘Most Wanted’ list in Canada in police custody


A Vincentian national who was once listed as one of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s ‘Most Wanted’ men and who was linked to a 2013 murder in Quebec, Canada, was recently apprehended here and is said to be awaiting extradition.

Kshawn Zran Rocque (born in July 1991) who was registered to vote in the last General Elections at polling station CLA, voter number 151493 and whose address is listed as High Road, Barrouallie, is said to be in police custody awaiting the arrival of Canadian authorities, who made a request for his extradition about a year ago.

The five foot nine inch tall Rocque is wanted in relation to the drive-by shooting of Fehmi Sen in Montreal, Québec, Canada.Reports are that on May 30, 2013, Sen and two friends were standing near a park in the Côte-des-Neiges area of Montreal when shots were fired at him from a black moving vehicle. Paramedics took Sen to the hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.{{more}}

At the time of the shooting, witnesses at the scene said that it was a miracle that no one else was hurt. Witnesses also told police that after the shooting, an SUV sped away from Appleton Avenue near Hudson Street.

Later that night a traffic violation caused a Surete du Quebec officer to pull over an SUV that matched the description of the vehicle used in the shooting. The vehicle’s four occupants were arrested and brought in for questioning, then released after a day.

Three of the four men — Shorn Carr, Rakesh Jankie and Marlon Henry — were later re-arrested and charged, but conflicting reports are that police could not locate Rocque and believed that he had fled the country. He ended up being wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for second degree murder.

Rocque, who has black hair and brown eyes, was listed as armed and dangerous and persons were warned not to take action to apprehend him, but to call the police if they saw him. Montreal police also sought an international warrant for Rocque’s arrest.

But according to a local authorities, Rocque did not flee Canada, but was deported by Canadian authorities, who later sought to have him returned to face trial in relation to the murder. Someone with knowledge of the case said that Rocque, who was working in the Grenadines at the time police apprehended him here, did not challenge the extradition order and has agreed to return to Canada. The source said that he has been in police custody awaiting extradition for over a year.

According to the source, fingerprints and other evidence place Rocque in the vehicle at the time of the shooting.

He was also one of the many Vincentians who had filed for refugee status in Canada, but was denied.

On Monday, Commissioner of Police (COP) Michael Charles confirmed that Rocque was in police custody awaiting extradition. The COP declined comments, but said that a statement will be released soon. (LC)