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Brazen gunman opens fire on man in Paul’s Avenue

Brazen gunman opens fire on man in Paul’s Avenue


A daring daylight shooting on Saturday ended the life of the notorious Wilmore ‘Tally’ Goodgie.

At around 4 p.m. Saturday, persons in the vicinity of the St Vincent Electricity Services (VINLEC) at Paul’s Avenue were sent scampering when a gunman opened fire on Goodgie who had gone to the area to visit a friend.

Reports are that the first shot hit Goodgie in the shoulder, after which he ran. The bold-faced shooter pursued Goodgie, shooting as many as 10 rounds, as the wounded man fled. Goodgie is said to have been struck three more times, before he fell in the public road behind the Guide’s Hut at Level Gardens. {{more}}

A video making the rounds on social media shows a bloodied Goodgie lying on the ground and asking a man for water. The man, speaking in a Trinidadian accent, seems to be afraid to assist the wounded man, but comments that he had already given him some water.

Moments later, as Goodgie bleeds out, the police arrive and a photo shows three officers standing around the dying man. He is then placed in a pick-up truck and taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).

Unconfirmed reports are that he died on the way to hospital. Goodgie’s family members refused an interview, when contacted yesterday.

Over the years, Goodgie, who is originally from Rose Hall, but moved to Questelles at a young age, made a name for himself in the local underworld. He was living at Layou at the time of his death, but frequented Questelles and Chauncey, where he grew up.

Goodgie, in his early 30s, had in the past been detained by police in a number of high profile criminal incidents, including murder. While he has never been charged with murder, he has in the past been charged for cocaine possession and other crimes.

In August 2015, Ricardo Williams, a 20-year-old labourer of Vermont, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for possession of a .45 firearm and two rounds of ammunition. Williams was caught with the gun when police went to Layou to execute a search warrant at the home of Goodgie.

In October 2009, Goodgie received a six-month suspended sentence for having $900 in counterfeit currency. He pleaded guilty to having in his possession nine EC$100 counterfeit bills, all bearing the serial number zb063079. Goodgie’s murder is the 13th for the year.