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Two men allegedly shot by homeowner during burglary

Two men allegedly shot by  homeowner during burglary


Following the death of a young man, who is alleged to have met his untimely end at the hands of the property owner he was attempting to steal from, his family strongly believes that the truth about the incident is being kept from the public.

Speaking with SEARCHLIGHT last Wednesday, the mother and sister of the deceased {{more}} – Hugo Young -are convinced that homeowner Delonore ‘Toosie’ Corea did not shoot and kill the 26-year-old.

Instead they believe that a police officer attached to the Stubbs Police Station was responsible.

Delora Young, the deceased’s sister, said that last Saturday, May 14, her daughter was part of the crowd of villagers who gathered when Hugo’s body was discovered – and the policeman in question bragged to her daughter about shooting the deceased in an attempt to impress her.

“[Name of police officer] was speaking to my daughter, not knowing that she was my daughter. Not until within the conversation with people hearing what he was telling my daughter, they say ‘you know who she be? She have to call the dead boy uncle’… He told my daughter is he shot my brother!” insisted Delora.

“He said my brother was always beefing with him, and another brother that I have overseas… and he (police officer) know he have to kill one of them.”

She further alleged: “I believe he (Hugo) got shot in the road, and was put by Toosie place.”

According to a press release from the Public Relations Department of the Royal SVG Police Force, homeowner Delonore Corea called the police last Friday night to report that he had shot at two male intruders who he had interrupted trying to remove a vault from his home.

The 58-year-old, who is a resident of Calder Ridge, told police that he had secured his home earlier that night and had been out when he received a call from a neighbour that the lights he had left on at his residence were turned off.

On returning home, he discovered a broken window and his vault missing.

The press release further stated: “It is reported that Corea heard sounds on the outside of his house and when he looked, he saw a shape looking as his vault as well as two male figures. Corea, it is said, shouted towards the males and one of the men was seen pointing something in his direction. Corea, a licensed shotgun holder, reportedly opened fire on the men, then called the police. When the police arrived, the vault which is said to be owned by Corea was discovered 160 yards from his home. Further checks by the police on the property led to the discovery of [Kelroy] Richards, who sustained gunshot wounds to his legs.”

Hugo’s body was discovered the next day, approximately 200 yards from Corea’s home. Photographs of the deceased being circulated on social media show him wearing dark clothing, work gloves and a headlamp (a headband with a light attached to it). Police officers also found a cutlass on the scene that is believed to belong to one of the intruders.

Delora, also a resident of Calder Ridge, told SEARCHLIGHT that she does not believe the police account of what happened last Friday night because, in her estimation, there are “too much gaps in that movie.”

She also questioned how the two alleged intruders could have removed Corea’s vault – which she claims officers told her weighs 600 lbs – in such a short space of time, as she last spoke to her brother at 7:35 p.m. on the night in question, and the property owner reportedly shot the intruders around 8 p.m.

Delora explained that there is a short cut going past Corea’s property that is frequently used by villagers, and she believes that Hugo was on his way home to Glamorgan, heading toward said short cut, and was not there to steal.

She further recalled that on April 10, Corea’s property was broken into by a group of three teenagers – one of whom was a relative of the Young family.

“So he (Corea) believe that anybody pass he and the police… any time after six, you going ah Mr. Toosie place go tief…

“He wasn’t on the property trying to steal anything… I know that!”

She added: “If my brother go in your place go thief, he was wrong. I don’t accept thief, and I don’t support thief!”

However, on SEARCHLIGHT’s Facebook page, several persons who claim to live in the neighbourhood commented that the two alleged intruders (Young and Richards) have a history of burglary in the area, and are known as such to police officers.

“Two down, more to go. It’s about time somebody deal with them… they’ve been doing this sh** for too long and getting away with it…,” was the comment of one poster, which up to Wednesday evening had received 106 likes.

Delora also noted that two lawyers had come to Corea’s property after the incident happened – at separate times.

“Why you have two lawyers? Or why do you want any lawyer? If they come in your place to thief, you have the right to kill and destroy because a thief come to kill and destroy, too. So, if you upperhand the thief first, you don’t need no lawyer.”

Additionally, she said that she is wary of the fact that the police would not allow her to take the clothing her brother was wearing at the time of his death; and that she was denied access to the room where the post mortem was being carried out.

“I wasn’t there when my brother got cut… I think in a case like this, a family member supposed to dey inside but they run me out.”

Delora and her mother Yvonne Young believe that there will be no proper investigation into Hugo’s death because of her allegation that one of their own was responsible for his death.

“Police won’t investigate, and the doctor won’t go against the police. We are not stupid!”

The deceased’s mother said that her son’s death is upsetting, and he will be missed by his two young daughters, but the family will have to cope with the loss.

“He was alright to me; he never cuss me… Almost every day he come by me… I have eight children, and he is one of my special child that I love!” she lamented.

Delora added: “I not asking people to have mercy or pardon for me, but on the other hand he is my brother – he not the best of all – but to the end, he is my brother… I think my brother’s death was unfair; he was robbed from me!”

SEARCHLIGHT contacted homeowner Delonore Corea, however, he declined to comment on the incident. (JSV)