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Do the same traffic laws apply to police officers? – omnibus driver

Do the same traffic laws apply to police officers? – omnibus driver


A van driver is up in arms and asking if the same traffic laws that apply to regular citizens also apply to members of the local constabulary.

On Wednesday, SEARCHLIGHT was visited by an irate minibus operator who drew attention to a police motor bike G321, parked outside the Magistrates’ Court, which had visibly{{more}} frayed wires on the tyres.

“I drive van and when I drive van I get charged for defective tyre and they pull the vehicle off the road. And we have to go and buy tyre; if we don’t do that, we can’t work again for the day.”

The concerned man, who stated that since he would be pulled off the road for the same violation, it is only fair that something should be done to the officer driving the vehicle.

“I want people to see what going on here; fair must be fair,” the van driver said.

SEARCHLIGHT contacted the head of the Traffic Department Station Sergeant John, who pointed out that, according to the law, no vehicle with a defective tyre should be on the road.

John also stated that it is an officer’s duty to inspect his vehicle before going on the beat every day.

“Police, every morning before a driver or rider goes on the beat, they have to do an inspection and they have to make an entry in what we call a log book, to say that the vehicle is effective or defective. Once a vehicle is defective you not supposed to.

“Once I see anything like that, whether police vehicle or whose vehicle; that vehicle would be taken off the road immediately,” John added.