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Three injured in accident

Three injured in accident


On Sunday, Michelle Shearman, her son Adam Roberts and Adam’s father Karl Roberts began their day with a fishing expedition and were planning to celebrate Mother’s Day with a visit to church; they ended up instead at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).

Police say that just about 8 a.m., {{more}}a Suzuki Escudo, RV242, owned by Antrobus and Antrobus Company Limited and driven by Bronson George of Old Montrose, struck the family of three while they were walking along the Lodge Village public road.

The three pedestrians were knocked unconscious by the vehicle, which was heading into Kingstown. The driver then fled the scene.

On Monday, speaking from a bed at the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department of the MCMH, Shearman said that she has already forgiven the driver of the vehicle that almost killed her, but she will never forget him.

While the police say that the vehicle was being driven by Bronson George, reports are that it was rented by Brad Elliott Nanton of Sandy Bay. It is alleged that George is denying that he was the driver.

Sherman, 35, told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, “I forgive him anyhow, but I will not forget him. I am just praying for my son and the man (Karl) alright and we good.”

Up to press time, 7-year-old Adam was nursing a broken leg and a gash to his forehead, while Karl, 37, also has a broken leg, but is unconscious and housed at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Shearman said that she still does not know exactly what happened, but was told by several persons what they saw.

“All I know I on the ground and that’s it. I just dey here with everybody coming and they telling me well the car lash me first, then lash KJ and then lash Karl Roberts.

“It lift up Karl from where he was and slam him into the wall and carry him back up by the mango tree,” said Shearman, who complained that she is in constant pain and finds it difficult to even lie on her bed.

“I have pain in my foot and it swell up. I can’t even stand up to walk; all I doing is bawling for pain,” a visibly shaken up Shearman said.

She stated that she had to be returned to the A&E Department after passing out before an ultrasound.

“I was going to go for an ultrasound to find out if any part of me break, but the guy carry me on the chair and like I freak out, so they bring me back down here,” she explained.

Police have detained the driver of the vehicle and investigations are ongoing. (CM)