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Beache defends herself against unflattering attacks on social media

Beache defends herself against  unflattering attacks on social media


New Song Competition Soca and Ragga Soca winner Kahalia Beache has had to defended herself against attacks she received following her win in Victoria Park on Saturday night.

A comment which read: “Hope she uses the money to go and see a good dermatologist.{{more}}

#CrocodileSkin”, was made under a post on Facebook, and has since received negative reactions from the Vincentian public.

Beache took to her Facebook page to address the comment yesterday afternoon.

In her post, the soca artiste stated: “I have eczema…so what? I am a beautiful, confident woman. Over the years I’ve had to deal with this…”.

Beache also stated that her confidence has ‘irked’ women.

“God has blessed me with an amazing talent… he continues to bless me and my light continues to grow brighter,” she also said.

Beache encouraged persons reading her post to never let anyone break, pull them down, or make them stop doing what they do.

“Continue working… toiling… continue your journey to greatness..The same ppl who tried to break you will be the same ppl celebrating you when you are a star!

“Now like and share this…show these people there’s more to being great than a stupid little affliction! Love, Kahalia.” (CM)