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Teen lucky to be alive after being shot at ‘Monkey Hill’

Teen lucky to  be alive after being shot at ‘Monkey Hill’


In pain and obviously angry, 16-year-old Alwyn “Bunny” Browne, who was shot on Wednesday night, says that he would rather be dead than in his current situation.

The Ottley Hall resident is currently resting at the Male Surgical Ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), after being{{more}} shot late Wednesday around 10 p.m., while making his way home to Ottley Hall, using a shortcut through Monkey Hill (Upper Montrose).

Browne, who underwent surgery after being shot in the chin and upper left arm, said that he was making his way home when three masked men opened fire on him.

He said that he heard the shots, but did not realize what was happening until one caught him in his face, in the area of his chin and another one caught him on his arm.

“I hold my hand and start run and then I lay down on the ground and tell some people call the ambulance”, said Browne.

He said that the men pursued him, but he managed to get away. He also thinks that one of the men laughed after he had shot him.

“I don’t even know why this happen. This is the first time I ever going through this. It was three people bussing shot”, said Browne, who was visibly in pain.

The Ottley Hall resident is the third man from that area to be shot in recent days in separate incidents, but the only one of the three to survive.

Rickford Anthony Richardson, alias ‘Bap’ of Ottley Hall, was shot and killed in Ottley Hall on Tuesday, April 26th at around 6. 30 a.m., as he sat on a wall close to where he lived. He died on the spot.

Lesroy ‘Magnum’ Sam, a 20-year-old Ottley Hall man, lost his life in a hail of bullets on Saturday, April 23, around 2 a.m. He was gunned down while hanging out in Rose Place.