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Murray’s Village man gunned down

Murray’s Village man gunned down


On July 25, Mickel Seaton would have celebrated his 27th birthday, but that is not to be, as the Bequia born, Murray’s Village resident was gunned down at around 10 p.m. on Friday, April 29.

Reports are that Seaton was shot in the head while hanging out in Murray’s Village. {{more}}He died on the spot and the picture of his body, taken by someone with a cellular device, began making the rounds on social media.

Lowmans Windward resident Subrina Seaton-Richards, Seaton’s sister, said that when she saw the photo of her brother lying dead in a pool of his own blood, she started to cry.

“I never expect my brother would die like this and he didn’t deserve to die like this; my brother was troublesome yes, not to say troublesome, miserable. He had his ways, but he never involved in any company,” said Seaton-Richards, standing in the Kingstown Cemetery at Rose Place shortly after witnessing her brother’s autopsy.

She added, “he always by himself. He is a quiet and cool guy and I feel hurt about the incident”.

Seaton-Richards said that the entire family is saddened by her brother’s murder.

“My sister in England cried and my mom who went back on Thursday and had to hear that her son got shot and it was shocking to everybody and I feel so down and I’m just trying to cope with it, but I hope they find the culprit that kill my brother,” said Seaton-Richards.

She revealed that her brother had no children or girlfriend and he was very protective of her and her kids.

“He would come at my workplace and sit with me and ask me if I remember when we use to fight growing up and I would tell he yes, but those days gone and he always tell me he love me and his mother, niece and nephew.”

Daffodil Bess, the dead man’s aunt, said that the deceased man was like a brother to her.

“In the days growing up, we were like brother and sister. We grew up together and we were happy with each other and we did a lot of miserable stuff and he was a loving kid,” said the Biabou resident.

Seaton is the 10th person to be killed here this year.