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Desist from unhealthy and nasty practice, say Town Hill residents

Desist from unhealthy and nasty practice, say Town Hill residents


A bar operator and two home owners from the Kingstown Hill/Town Hill area are calling on persons who are defecating in plastic bags and disposing of them in bushes and gutters in the area to desist from the unhealthy and nasty practice.

The trio is also calling on persons {{more}}who dispose of sanitary napkins in this fashion to stop.

Jude ‘The Cool Dude’ Shepherd told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday that he has been operating ‘Jude Bar’ in Kingstown Hill for three years now and for the last three months, he has seen a disturbing trend, persons using the area around his bar to dispose of faeces in plastic bags.

Shepherd said that what makes things worse is that the dogs in the area tear open the bags and leave the entire area smelling like a sewage dump.

“All of a sudden, bags of filth keep popping up across the street and in the gutters around the establishment, ending up in my yard. Dogs bringing this filth and I end up paying people to move them”, said the popular radio disc jockey.

When asked if he knows where the filth originates, Shepherd answered, “I can make a few suggestions, but I don’t want to get in trouble; but I can say that there are people in the area living with no toilet facilities, no electricity, no water.”

He added, “there are a lot of places without water in the area, no toilet facilities in many houses in the area and now is like every other day dogs running around with big bags. Somebody has to take responsibility for this and I want the authorities to come and see.”

Shepherd said that the situation is creating a serious health hazard in the area and the authorities need to step in.

“There are kids that run around here. Just the other day I took up a bag from in front a neighbour’s gate that has children. You know, children; suppose one came out and see that bag there and pick it up, they can get hepatitis, all kinds of diseases from that,” stressed Shepherd, who revealed that one night he was having a lively session at his bar and a dog opened a bag of faeces outside the window of his bar and all the customers left because of the odour.

“This is now disturbing my business,” said Shepherd.

Supporting Shepherd’s claim is his neighbour Herman Nash.

Said Nash, “people living in places with no washroom, no water and the authorities need to help the situation. I’ve been here for 15 years and this is the first time I ever experience this; for the last three months this happening.”

Nash said that he cleans up faeces daily, along with sanitary pads.

“I usually burn them, it smells really awful sometime. I get real mad and I would like the authorities to come check it out. These things never use to happen long days ago, used to be a few pampers from dogs, but now is every minute all over and I’m getting fed up, really fed up”, stressed Nash, adding, “it’s hard”.

Another resident, Errol Farrell, shares Nash’s and Shepherd’s woes.

A resident for over 10 years, Farrell said that the bag of filth has become a problem recently, within the last three months. He showed SEARCHLIGHT on Monday a sanitary pad in his walkway.

“This thing right in front my gate. The dogs drag the stuff and when rain come it worst, it smell terrible. I not going to tell no lie, I don’t like it at all and I spoke about it many times and nobody doing nothing”, said Farrell, who added that he is not sure exactly where the problem originates, but he can speculate.

“Usually, I just have to clean it up”, said Farrell.