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Deportee, alleged kidnapper appears in court

Deportee, alleged kidnapper appears in court


Expressionless and without handcuffs, murder accused Veron Primus, walked out of the Serious Offences Court on Friday, surrounded by officers of the Major Crime Unit (MCU), while curious persons rushed to get a look at him.

The Vermont resident, accused of the murder of Sharleen Greaves was then placed {{more}}in a police vehicle and escorted to Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP), White Chapel Road, Kingstown.

Primus is charged with the murder of Greaves, who was found stabbed to death at her Bijou Real Estate office in Arnos Vale on November 13, 2015.

Greaves’ Suzuki Escudo was found abandoned in the Wilson Hill area and reports are that a search at Primus’ home on Tuesday, April 19, turned up a motor vehicle key, which opened the doors of Greaves’ jeep and turned over the ignition.

When Primus appeared before Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias, he was not given the option of a plea, as the murder charge is indictable. Primus remained without

expression when he was informed that bail would not be open to him.

Police originally apprehended Primus on Friday, April 15, in relation to the alleged abduction of Mewanah Hadaway and investigations led to him being arrested for Greaves’ murder.

Reports are that Hadaway was abducted on January 1 this year up until police freed her last Friday. Primus has yet to be charged in relation to Hadaway.

Lawyers Michaela Ambrose and Moureeze Franklyn are currently representing Primus, who returns to court on July 18, 2016 for the Preliminary Inquiry into Greaves’ murder.