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No one charged as yet for wounding of Caruth villager

No one charged as yet for wounding of Caruth villager


FOURTEEN DAYS have passed since a video was posted on social media site Facebook showing Cuthbert ‘Mafia’ Victory being scalded by searing hot water thrown on him by a young lady while two persons held him down.

And although the video shows Victory being attacked and burnt, up to press time {{more}}no one has been charged for wounding the 37-year-old mason from Caruth Village.

“This is ridiculous,” said Victory’s sister Melissa Jackson via telephone to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday.

“From my point of view, if it was my brother they (police) would done arrest him, so I don’t know the reason why they ain’t charge them yet,” Jackson said in relation to the three persons seen in the video which has created much public debate and outcry.

“People are now putting politics in it.

I’m not pleased and I will like to see justice for my brother. The video is there, so I don’t know what’s the hold up,” argued the distraught woman who revealed that she weeps for her brother daily because of what she sees him going through due of his injuries.

Jackson said that she read an article recently where Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Collin Williams said that video evidence can be used to charge someone, so she is uncertain what is taking so long to charge the trio.

“Every day on Facebook, everybody complaining, my inbox is full of people complaining, people messaging me and asking me what’s up,” said Jackson who stressed that many persons, including herself, are wondering why the Christian Council has not commented on the issue seeing that the man in the video has been recognized as a Pastor.

“I mean, this is really hard for my brother. He has to go to the clinic every day, in the morning his body is stiff, he can’t eat, he can’t sleep… it’s about time enough they [Police] do something.

“It’s not easy to watch my brother and I don’t want him to do anything stupid. I want him to wait on the police, but we not hearing anything,” said Jackson, “this is really sad.”

On Wednesday, Victory said that he, like his sister and many other persons, are extremely upset that no one has been charged as yet.

“I feel real bad cause I nah get justice and nobody ain’t telling me nothing,” stated Victory who revealed that on Tuesday, he signed his medical report at the Mesopotamia Police Station, but was not given an update as to when his attackers will be charged.

“I in real pain. I can’t eat to the fullest, I can’t sleep in the night, is in the day I does try get a little sleep because is more pain in the night. I sleep on my belly with me two hand open out like I going fly. If been me do them so been a different story,” stressed Victory.

The angry man said that he was recently informed that none of the persons who witnessed his assault have come forward as yet while the person who recorded the video cannot be located.

“Nobody ain’t talking and I don’t know who record it,” said Victory of the 54-second video, which was recorded on Saturday, April 9, sometime after 4 p.m. in Hopewell.

When contacted the police said that the matter is still under investigation. Reports are that the three persons in the video were detained, questioned and released.