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Gunshot injuries confine man to wheelchair

Gunshot injuries confine man to wheelchair


Questelles resident Jonathan John, is still nursing gunshot wounds he received on March 29, 2016.

John, who is currently warded at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), is still baffled as to why he was shot in his back and foot while on his way home that Tuesday night.{{more}}

When he spoke to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, John said he was around the area of the Questelles Gas Station, a popular liming spot, drinking and enjoying himself before the incident.

He further stated that around 9 p.m. his drinking partner indicated that he was heading home to listen to a radio program, a program John noted he himself did not want to miss.

While on their way home, John was met by a gunman on a hill located opposite the former location of the Questelles Police Station.

“As we go up the hill the gunman deh in the bush dem deh waiting for we and we nah even know…I on the same hand the gunman deh on, I hear the gunshot leggo, and when I hear the gunshot leggo I try run… but I realize I got shot” a now wheelchair-bound John recalled.

John said he fell on the ground after being shot. While there, he saw his friend fleeing the scene however, when he tried to run he realized he couldn’t move.

The 42-year-old said, he then saw the gunman standing over him, pointing the gun towards him, then away from him – an action he did repeatedly as if questioning whether he should shoot John again or not.

John was then shot again, “I start to bawl out now, bawl out oh God!” he recounted.

According to John, the gunman fled, and while calling for help he crawled to the house window of his friend shouting, “boy me get shoot boy!”

After this happened, residents who heard the commotion came to his assistance, “Me start to bawl, me say boy aryo please help me!” said John.

A pastor of a nearby church, that was having service, came to John’s assistance, throwing him in his vehicle and brought him to the hospital.

John pointed out that he was shot two places; close to his backbone with the bullet piercing through to his stomach and in his foot, which had a cast during the interview.

While describing himself as someone who doesn’t get into conflicts, John disclosed that while he has been admitted at the MCMH he has heard rumours that he was involved in a drug run at Clare Valley prior to his shooting. He denied that this happened.

A charge of attempted murder has since been laid against Moah Williams. On Wednesday April 13, while Williams awaited sentencing for charges of possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition, he was hit with the additional charge of attempting to murder John.

On Monday, April 11, around 11:40 a.m., a party of Rapid Response Unit (RRU) personnel along with members of the Questelles Police Station found a .40 mm Smith and Wesson firearm with an unknown serial number and ammunition in an old fridge at the back of Williams’ home.

Williams pleaded guilty to this, but changed his plea after he received legal representation.

On Williams’ last court appearance, he was denied bail after Prosecution objected to it on the basis that John is still warded at the MCMH.

At the time, prosecution argued that John was unable to breathe properly and is attached to tubes. Additionally they stated that John had undergone surgery and is expected to do another operation to repair damaged lungs and other organs.

Williams will return to the Serious Offences Court next Wednesday, April 27, when his firearm case will be heard, while the Preliminary Inquiry into the attempted murder is scheduled for June 30. (AS)