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Diamond villager survives cutlass attack

Diamond villager survives cutlass attack


A BAG OF yams seems to have prevented a Diamond man from being hospitalized after a cutlass attack on Saturday.

Augustus Allen, a 56-yearold shop owner is adamant that if it weren’t for a bag of yams he used to fend off his attacker, he would have been severely injured.{{more}}

“If me na get the bag he could’ve give me more chop” Allen repeated when interviewed by SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday.

According to him, he had just visited his cousin in Diamonds, who gave him the yams when another resident with whom he had got into an altercation with three months prior, attacked him.

Allen said that around 6:30 p.m. he and a friend were travelling along the Diamonds road when he was attacked.

“Me just see a man just fire off the bank with a cutlass and start to pelt chop after me and he say he go kill me because he got me in he mind long time and he go kill me because me do he something long time and he come back after me”

The shopkeeper had bandages on his head and arms up to press time, from where was planned and chopped by his attacker.

Allen further recalled villagers coming to his assistance shouting at his attacker in attempt to halt the attack. He explained that because of the length of the cutlass he was able to use to bag to fend off most of the attack by rushing towards him.

He added that eventually his attacker fled. Allen reveals that he knows who his attacker was. A fellow Diamonds’ resident who he grew up with in the village.

Allen explained that the two had a falling out in Diamond three months prior when he saw his attacker take a plate of food from a pot his cousin cooked for two of them.

According to him, his cousin then inquired of his attacker, who gave him the food and the attacker replied using a number of expletives in a disrespectful manner.

Allen said he told the man who he alleges attacked him he was wrong for going into the pot without permission when he got aggressive.

“Me say ello yuh wrong,” Allen recounted.

After a heated argument, Allen said another resident told his attacker to leave the shop. Allen beleives this is the reason he was attacked.

A now bandaged Allen recalled a resident known as “Snail” taking him to Colonaire Police Station after the cutlass attack where officers advised him to visit the hospital.

He said he went to the Georgetown Health Centre and was given a medical report form that he was not able to take back to the police because he had returned to Kingstown where his business is located. He however indicated that he intends to take it back to the police on Sunday. (AS)