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Caruth Village man wants justice after attack

Caruth Village man wants justice after attack


Cuthbert ‘Mafia’ Victory, a 37-year-old mason from Caruth Village whose assault was recorded with a mobile phone and placed on social media site Facebook, says that he is seeking justice via the law for what he considers an attempt on his life.

“If I ain’t get justice, I taking it in my own hand and people go say I wicked.{{more}} I don’t want it go so, but if I did do that they would done lock me up and ill treat me,” said Victory on Wednesday.

A 54-second-video, which was recorded on Saturday, April 8, sometime after 4 pm in Hopewell, shows Victory struggling to free himself from the grasps of a man and a woman while standing in a huge gutter. At one point, a young lady stands over the trio and pours a liquid from a silver kettle on Victory.

After the liquid is poured over his head, Victory gets away from the two people holding him, runs out of the gutter while being chased by the man, who then hits him on his bottom. The man then tells him, “clear out duh come back”.

Victory told SEARCHLIGHT that what was poured on him was a boiling kettle of water that seared his upper back and neck, right side of his face, both shoulders and part of his chest.

Giving his side of the story, Victory said that he went to Richland Park on Saturday to look at a softball cricket match, after which he went to Hopewell to visit a friend. He said that while talking to his friend’s boyfriend, whom he knows as ‘Dennis’, he was also playing a Vybz Kartel song from his mobile juke box and that seemed to offend one of the persons that later attacked him.

“Nigel Morgan say I throw words for he, but I was playing my music and dancing and singing and enjoying myself. He give me talk and I give him back talk, then his wife come in the yard I was in and push she hand in me face, but I walk way and she push me in me back and I stumble,” said Victory, who said that he pushed the woman because he was pushed first.

“Morgan hold me and dab something in me face and said ‘God of blood’ and the thing start burning my eyes and then he push me in the gutter. I fell in the gutter and hit my head and lose my strength, then after they start fight me and I was trying to fight them, but all of a sudden I feel this hot substance and my body weaken,” recalled Victory, who also said that after he fled the area he took off all his clothes and jumped into a river to get rid of the heat he was feeling.

“The book bag on my back save majority of the water off me, but it was so hot and painful that I even faint,” said Victory, who was taken to the Mesopotamia Health Centre, then the Evesham Health Centre and eventually to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) where he spent a few hours, before being treated and discharged.

“I reported it to the police, but to my knowledge, no arrest make yet. This man always says I trouble him, but I duh trouble people unless they trouble me. I feel real bad, I suppose to dey work, so I want to know who going pay me and compensate me. I don’t trouble people. I work and go home. Who paying me? I have my two daughter to mind”, stated Victory.

“This is the first time I ever go through something like this; to me, them try to kill me and I seeking justice and praying to God I recover and get back my strength”, said Victory.

The matter was reported to the Mesopotamia Police Station on Tuesday, April 12th and the police officer in charge of the investigation has obtained a copy of the video showing the assault.

On Thursday morning, police detained the three persons seen attacking Victory in the video but up to press time they had not been charged with an offence.