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Abigail gets best CSEC results award

Abigail gets best CSEC results award


Former Girls’ High School (GHS) student Abigail Scott and Jeremiah Augustus, formerly of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School (TSSS), have been officially recognized as the top female and male performers in the 2015 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Examinations.{{more}}

Scott and Augustus, along with a number of other students, were recognized for their performances on Friday, April 8, during the Ministry of Education’s CSEC Awards ceremony, which was held at the Methodist Church Hall in Kingstown.

During the ceremony, it was noted that Scott, apart from being the top female performer, was also the top overall performer in the 2015 CSEC exams. She obtained 15 Grade one passes.

Prior to graduation from the GHS, Scott received the school’s 104th anniversary lecture award for excellence.

At her graduation, she received the Governor General’s prize for English A, the Lady Antrobus’ prize for English B, the New York Alumni Award for Biology, Chemistry and Physics and the Clare Keizer award for Information Technology. She also received awards for French, Geography and Mathematics. Throughout her time at the GHS, she maintained an average of 90 per cent.

Scott has always been a trend setter, having placed first in the then Common Entrance Exams in 2010 with an average of 96.7 per cent.

On Friday, Scott, a member of the Girl Guides Association, was described as honest, disciplined and diligent.

Other awards on Friday went to Martin Trimmingham, the top male performer after remediation. He received FLOW’s Most Outstanding Student After Remediation Award, which is accompanied by a two-year scholarship to a local tertiary institution.

Trimmingham, a past Head Boy of the Emmanuel High School Mesopotamia (EHSM), obtained eight subject passes with Grade two passes in Agricultural Science, Biology, Electronic Document Preparation Management (EDPM) and Grade three passes in English A, Mathematics, Chemistry, Social Studies and Spanish.

As a student of the Sion Hill Government School, Martin placed 677 for boys and 1,486 overall in the Common Entrance Exams.

Trimmingham’s grades improved when he entered the EHSM, where, in 2014, he received an award for placing first during exams. He also received awards in seven subject areas – Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, EDPM, English A, Social Studies and Spanish.

He received the Dr. JP Eustace Award, and the Girlyn Miguel award for excellence at his graduation.

Trimmingham is described as “humble, well disciplined, capable of making sudden decisions, has initiative, excellent team leader”.

The school with the most improved results went to the Buccament Bay Secondary School, while the school with the best results after remediation went to the EHSM.

The awards ceremony also recognized students for their performance at the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) Examination, the top performers from each secondary school, and outstanding performances at each CXC/CSEC subject disciplines.