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Young woman drowns doing something she loved

Young woman drowns doing something she loved


Even though Mariah George was taken at a young age, her mother has found peace in the passing of her daughter.

“I would never ask God why. I will never question him…because that’s the way she has to go. I happy that how she left, we left on a very good terms,” Hyacinth George {{more}}told SEARCHLIGHT on Sunday at her home in Belair.

Mariah, 23 years old, died at the Rawacou recreation site last Thursday, after encountering difficulties while swimming.

Hyacinth stated that her daughter loved the beach and would be ready for a beach trip at the drop of a hat, as was the case last Thursday.

“She …loved to go out, had a lot of friends, she loved the beach, that I can tell you.”

“She just loved the beach, so anybody say they want to go to the beach, she wouldn’t say no,” Hyacinth added.

Hyacinth recalled the weekend before her daughter’s passing, Mariah got up and did some housework without her having to ask.

“The week was really a good week…. You know sometimes young people don’t want to help you so things, but from the weekend she wake up and she actually cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the whole house,” she noted.

Hyacinth explained that even though it was something as simple as that, it made her happy, because to her, it meant that her daughter was maturing.

“Because, before I would have to say you have to do this, you have to do that, but that weekend I didn’t have to tell her anything, anything at all; she just got up and did everything on her own.”

Hyacinth noted that Mariah was quiet and she has comfort in knowing that her daughter loved her.

“I know she loves me, because sometimes even when I would get angry with her and sometimes you have to argue with them, she would sit there and would not say a word.”

Mariah will be laid to rest on Saturday. (CM)