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Journalist fears for her life

Journalist fears for her life


A mentally unstable man from the Georgetown area is said to be terrorizing persons in the North Central Windward district and has one woman in particular, scared for her life.

Ashecia Sam, a journalist attached to the Agency for Public Information (API) said that the man has already beaten her son in his head {{more}} with a stick and is now threatening her life.She said that reports to the police station in Georgetown have yielded no redress.

“Up to Wednesday, he was in the area where I usually wait for my van. A woman told me not to go up there because he was there behaving badly,” said Sam, during a telephone conversation with SEARCHLIGHT.

The Georgetown resident said that the man has in the past attacked persons, even chopping a woman and beating a man with a piece of pipe.

She said that one evening, the man met her son, who goes to the Langley Park Government School, and told him to drop his book bag. When the youngster dropped his book bag, the man took it up, dumped his books in the road and threw away the bag, after saying that he was looking for a piece of steel.

“He beat my son in his head with a stick and a teacher saw and called the police and they locked him up.

“When I went to the station, he was there behaving badly and eventually the police sent him to the mental home,” said Sam, who alleges that the deranged individual at one point threatened to cut his mouth and bite police officers who had come to arrest him.

She said that when the man was released from the mental institution, he began harassing her, as she refused to speak to him, being upset about what he had done to her son.

“At around 5 one morning, he came where I live and began making a lot of noise. He said the country was hard and I still voted for Ralph and he will cut me in my face and kill me because I think that because I’m working at API I in thing,” recalled Sam.

Sam said that the man has visited her home on different occasions, each time threatening her, saying that he would kill her if she doesn’t speak to him.

“I can’t live in peace for the guy. One time he ask me for a dollar and because I said I don’t have no dollar, he had a cutlass waving it around in my face and I told him that he was not a bad man and because I said so, he slammed down the cutlass and started acting violently.”

Sam said that in her opinion, “people like they afraid of him and the police not doing anything to help me.”

Sam stressed that she has no idea how to stop the man from harassing her and she is living in constant fear, as in her opinion, the police are not doing enough.

She said that a recent post she made on Facebook seems to have incensed the police, as an officer made comments to her that points to him being offended by her post on Facebook, in which she spoke about the issue.

The post stated: “I have made several reports to the Georgetown Police Station against this man and I am calling on the authorities not to wait until something happens to me to do something about this menace to society.”

Sam stressed that she would really like the authorities to assist her, as she has nowhere to turn. She said that during one incident, men were nearby and no one came to her assistance or even told the man to calm down.

“It’s like people afraid of he,” Sam reiterated.(LC)