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Men brutally murdered in Woods Mountains, Campden Park

Men brutally murdered in Woods Mountains, Campden Park


Relatives of two men found brutally murdered in Woods Mountain Campden Park last Sunday are describing the killings as “horrific” and “undeserved”.

Jomo “Boly” Williams, 32, and Kevin “Red Man” Warren, 36, both farmers of Lowmans Leeward, were discovered by Warren’s older brother {{more}}Haniff Warren, who had trekked up the mountain, Sunday morning.

“I meet me brother and Boly in the shanty dead,” Warren told SEARCHLIGHT.

He said the men were tied up together with their hands behind their backs, and appeared to have gunshot wounds and that his brother’s legs were broken.

Warren also stated he was surprised that Williams had been killed, “Boly was so true; Boly was a true man… he don’t trouble people.”

Arlene Williams, Williams’ mother, visibly shaken up about the news, said: “They just kill that child for nothing, take he life for nothing at all. An easy-going child that don’t trouble nobody.”

Williams’ sister Shemeca also agreed with her mother, stating that her brother did not deserve that kind of death.

Shemeca said she last spoke to her brother the day before via WhatsApp and he gave no indication that he was undergoing any difficulty or that something was wrong.

Williams was the father of 10 year-old Reihanna Nanton and adoptive father to an 11-year-old boy, Nyiha Nanton.

Relatives told reporters that although Warren was “troublesome,” he also did not deserve such a brutal murder.

“When he drink he rum, he troublesome, but otherwise he good,” Haniff described his deceased brother.

Warren’s mother, Elma Burgin, disclosed that her son would get into altercations when intoxicated.

“David … he was harden… when he drink rum he cuss, quarrel, you know? When he drink rum you could hear he mouth all over the place,” she said.

Burgin, who has high blood pressure and is a diabetic, said she grabbed her stomach when she heard the news and had to be asked to rest by another son.

She further revealed that her son would sometimes be taken advantage of when he is intoxicated and people would even “beat him up”.

However, Warren’s older sister, Antonette Warren, said her brother only “misbehaves” when under the influence of alcohol.

Head of the Major Crimes Unit (MCU) Inspector Atland Browne told reporters that the police were informed that the men went into the mountain, where they farm, last Saturday.

The police officer said someone, who was alerted by the girlfriend of one of the dead men, found the men after the girlfriend tried to contact her boyfriend on Sunday morning and got no response.

Browne said that after a two-hour hike by police officers up the mountain to the crime scene, the bodies were found with signs of trauma, including what appeared to be gunshot wounds, chop wounds and signs of a beating.

The detective confirmed that the men were tied up and that the contents of the shanty had been removed. The investigation into the murders is being lead by PC Andy James. (AS)