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Ex-convict viciously beaten by angry villagers

Ex-convict viciously beaten by angry villagers


If you don’t believe that your past can come back to haunt you, just ask ex-con Sigbert Peters, who, late last week, was the victim of a beating by an angry mob in the Sion Hill area.

The beating of the frail looking man forced police on Friday to issue a bulletin asking the public to desist from “restraining” Peters,{{more}} as he was “not of interest to the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force at this time in respect to the attack on three females recently.”

The group of persons pounced on Peters after a voice note and photograph, identifying him as the perpetrator of the vicious attacks on three women earlier this month, were circulated on social media, by members of the public.

The attack on Peters was recorded using a cellular phone and went viral after being posted on SEARCHLIGHT’s Facebook page last Saturday.

The video, which up to press time yesterday had over 680 shares and reached over 155,100 people, shows Peters being beaten by an angry group of persons, including women. During the onslaught, he was cuffed, hit with objects, thrown to the ground and kicked about his body and face.

A number of other persons, however, begged for the beating to stop and eventually, they were successful in shielding the defenseless man from the mob.

According to reports, Peters was suspected as being responsible for the February 8 attacks because of a crime he commited four years ago. In May 2012, he pleaded guilty to six offences, ranging from theft to indecent assault of a number of foreigners.

Police had detained Peters in relation to the recent attacks, but dismissed him after he was questioned.

Commissioner of Police (COP) Michael Charles told members of the media on February 15 that the police had a number of leads in relation to the vicious attacks, but that Peters, whose name and photo were being broadcast on social media, was not the person who was responsible for the attacks.

A number of persons on social media weighed in on the incident. Some persons agreed with the actions of the mob, while most objected to the way in which Peters was treated.

Popular entertainer Rondy Luta Mc Intosh commented, “I often see persons posting and sharing pics of other persons accused of having HIV, accused rapist etc, etc, and I often ask myself, is this the truth? Is this person guilty of what he or she is accused of? Does the person making the accusation have any form of evidence to support their accusation? Or is it a case of someone maliciously trying to destroy another person’s reputation/character? People we all need to be more sensitive about these postings on social media and ask yourself those questions next time before you act. I finally wish the real perpetrators are caught and brought to justice. My heart goes out to the accused guy and his family if he is indeed innocent, may he get his due justice.”

Radio personality Earl G Abbott also weighed in, “Now I’m not an advocate for “Vigilante Justice” per se nor “Village Justice” but this at least sends a message to the real perpetrator(s) and would-be perpetrators that we will not cower to the abuse of our mothers, our grandmothers, our aunts, our sisters, our wives and significant others….I take issue with how little information is being SHARED so that more persons can be in-the-know about these incidents….a safe society is an INFORMED society.”

Shaniqua Bailey Yorke commented, “The police need to lock up all of them who participate in beating up the man. What happen to innocent until proven guilty? Come on people I know how you feel, but you can’t be doing things like that. If he is the man, call the police. But all who beat him have a conscience. Remember we still have laws and sometimes we must follow them.”

Damien Ash said, “Everyone who beat the man in this video should be arrested and charged. Whether the man is a suspect or not. Apprehend the man, but don’t beat him. That ain’t true justice. There is a procedure. Let the victims identify him and the law do the rest.”

On Monday, head of the Police Public Relations Department Inspector Hawkins Nanton said that should Peters make a report to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) about the beating, investigations will be carried out and it is possible that persons will be charged.

Since Peters’ beating, members of the public began circulating a photograph of another man who they now claim is the perpetrator of the February 8 attacks. Police are yet to comment on this recent photo.(LC)