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Attempted rapist unleashes vicious beatings on women

Attempted rapist unleashes vicious beatings on women


Josette St Hillaire, who was attacked and beaten on Tuesday night, had the will to survive, and that she did.

“I said is either you kill me or I kill you, but you ain’t killing me tonight,” St Hillaire recalled on Wednesday, while sitting in the front room of her Murray’s Village home.{{more}}

At round 8:26 p.m. Tuesday, St Hillaire was making her way home, walking along the Murray’s Village main road, when she was attacked by an unknown assailant.

Reliving the nightmare, St Hillaire, self-employed, said that she looked back, saw a man behind her, then when she looked back a second time, the man held her hair from behind, tugged her back and began beating her in her head with something resembling a police baton, making her dizzy with the third blow.

The attacker was dressed in a black polo shirt, a black pair of pants and a hat, with his hair showing out under the headpiece. The wounded woman described the man as short and dark.

“He said ‘shut up or I will kill you’ after he grabble my hair. We begin fighting and I hit he in he private and both of us fell,” recalled St Hillaire, who received three blows to her head and one in her face from the assailant, before both of them fell over a small cliff onto a river bank.

St Hillaire said that she was assisted by a male friend who was walking with her a few minutes before, but had gone on ahead before she was attacked. She said that her friend heard her screams and ran to her assistance and that caused her attacker to flee, running through the river and vanishing from site.

“This is the first time I ever experience something like this. I can’t explain the feeling,” said St Hillaire, who believes that the man wanted to rape her as his intent was to beat her in her head to render her unconscious.

St Hillaire, who received two wounds to her head (one took five stitches and the other four) and others to her face and left leg, had difficulty speaking during the interview, as she was choked during the attack.

She opined that men like her attacker should not be on the street.

“Men like those don’t need to be on the street; they not even supposed to be locked up or if you lock them up throw away the key because he wicked.”

The mother of five added, “I fight for my life, I wasn’t going give up.”

Rohan Moore, St Hillaire’s brother, said that he would really love justice for his sister. He said that when he heard what had happened, he went to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) and became extremely angry when he saw his sister.

“We never had nothing like this happen. Words can’t describe the feeling…people like that should get the death penalty; they shouldn’t be eating taxpayers’ money,” said Moore.

He added that in his opinion, “he (the attacker) must be don’t have a mother, because how can you meet a woman in the street and want to rape and abuse them like that?”

Moore said that while reports are that the man attacked two other women after assaulting his sister, he is hearing that the same man attacked a woman at around 2 p.m. the same day, hours before his sister was violently violated.

The assailant is said to have also attacked Sherisse Veira of McKies Hill after he fled from Murray’s Village while reports are that after running away from the scene at McKies Hill, he fought with another woman in the Lower Kingstown Park/Petersville Primary School area.(LC)