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Softball cricket organizers to toughen up on ill-discipline

Softball cricket organizers to toughen up on ill-discipline


Organizers of the Police Co-operative Credit Union Clinchers Softball Cricket Tournament are bent on eradicating all levels of ill-discipline in its 2016 edition and onwards.

The declaration of an all-out attack on the culprits and would-be destabilizers of the tournament was made last Sunday by vice-president {{more}}of the Clinchers Sports Club Rohan Giles.

Addressing the opening ceremony at the Richland Park Playing Field, Giles reflected: “The 2015 tournament was our most challenging, with many incidents of ill-discipline, with some extremely outrageous and offensive taking place… We subsequently received letters of apology from those who were involved in such behaviour and accepted their offer of contrition.”

However, Giles and his grouping are not prepared for any reoccurrences in 2016.

“Let me make it clear here today February 7th, one week from Valentine’s Day, that there will be no kiss and make up this time around,” he quipped.

“We have revised the regulations of this tournament and I urge all teams to read them carefully, for you will face suspension or even expulsion for any action which is deemed to bring this tournament into disrepute,” Giles warned.

Joining in Giles’ call, president of the Police Co-operative Credit Union Junior Simmons deposited his shares in the issue of discipline.

“The Police Credit Union does not wish to be associated with anything that does not exemplify good conduct… So, as you play in this tournament, do not just play just to win a trophy, but play to make friends,” Simmons remarked.

Giles further projected his club’s intent to continue to build on past experiences.

“It is our intention to continue to strive to make the Police Co-operative Credit Union Clinchers T20 Softball Cricket Tournament one of the best, if not the best organized in SVG,” Giles boasted.

The Clinchers vice-president said that his organization is prepared to uphold the good name of the tournament, which it has built since 2012.

“The past four years, we can say and based on our discussions with these sponsors, have been very satisfying and it is our intention to make the 2016 edition even better with the help of the sponsors, teams, officials and spectators….I can boldly say that this tournament receives more coverage than many other sporting events here…Many of you I know have seen the many pictures not only of players, but of spectators as well and articles in the media and on Facebook giving weekly updates of the tournament… It really lifted the profile of the competition and I am sure that the sponsors would have been extremely happy with that level of coverage,” Giles commented.

Twenty teams are registered to contest this year’s tournament.(RT)