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Sion Hill organizations acknowledge community’s senior citizens

Sion Hill organizations acknowledge community’s senior citizens


Seventy-five senior citizens of the Sion Hill community were over the past week presented with gift baskets, as part of a joint effort by the New York based Friends of Sion Hill Inc and the Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra.

The recipients were given packages of food items in specially made and designed green and black bags.{{more}}

Head of Friends of Sion Hill Inc Oxley Lowman said that the gesture was the organization’s way of recognizing those persons who have been the movers and shakers of the Sion Hill community, by way of their input into the development of others.

Lowmans stated that the gesture was simply a token of appreciation and a way of saying thanks in a tangible manner.

He revealed that the organization was able to provide for the donation from proceeds of two very successful barbecues and a boat ride held last August in New York.

These ventures have also assisted in making available supplies to the Lazarus Foundation Inc’s programme held in July/August, as well as the donation of the trophies to this year’s Sion Hill Football League.

Lowmans said the hosting of a gala dinner in April 2016 is one of the things they have planned for the near future.(RT)