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NDP ready to take the reins of government if elected

NDP ready to take the reins of government if elected


The president and candidates of the New Democratic Party (NDP) are more ready than ever to take the reins of government if elected in tomorrow’s general elections.

“Can you feel it? This is the moment, St Vincent and the Grenadines. This is our moment, St Vincent and the Grenadines,”{{more}} said leader of the NDP Arnhim Eustace, as he addressed a large crowd of supporters at the Victoria Park last Saturday night.

“This is our moment as a people when we reframe our relationship with our State, so that we all rise to citizenship, when we grab hold of our collective identity and we define ourselves, firstly to ourselves and then to the entire world,” he declared.

The party leader said the country needs to govern itself and put in positions of authority only those who will serve the national good.

“When we are all Vincentians rather than perpetual party supporters; when we take care of every Vincentian’s health and wellness; when we stop building and return to producing; when we celebrate trade deals rather than aid; when we safeguard democracy, not only through free and fair elections, but by protecting the freedom of expression,” he continued.

He also told the sea of yellow-clad supporters that he and his collegues are ready for the task ahead and are undaunted by the responsibilities for running the affairs of the country.

“We are ready and we are willing, competent and qualified,” the NDP candidate for East Kingstown stated.

Eustace, who will vie in general elections for the fifth consecutive time, urged Vincentians to vote for him and the members of the NDP, whom he has described throughout the political season as the best slate of candidates ever put forward to the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

An economist by training, Eustace, in his speech, told the energetic audience that he is ready to revitalize the economy of SVG, which, according to him, has suffered under the hands of Ralph Gonsalves and what he described ‘gonzinomics’.

“…With four consecutive years of negative economic growth and three years of low economic growth; a current deficit of $133.9 million for 2015, contrast sharply with the 17 years of the NDP, when over that 17 years we had a surplus every single year in our economy, averaging 5.8 per cent of the gross domestic product of this country. With introduction of ‘gonzinomics,’ that discipline brought about by Ralph Gonsalves…our unemployment skyrocketed, due to poor fiscal and economic management, particularly for our countries youth, who are co-incidentally our greatest resource.

“This will require the incoming NDP administration to make major decisions with respect to all of our economic sectors, in particular agriculture, tourism, construction, information technology, health and education and international trade. We will cut back VAT on 150 items and remove VAT from electricity, thus improving the competitiveness of the economy. We have already indicated to you that we will establish a ministry of the private sector, which will increase employment, especially in relation to small enterprise and entrepreneurship. Our proposed development bank is an important component in this exercise…,” he continued.

Eustace also reiterated that the NDP has plans for the youth, sports and culture, which will directly impact the economy of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Throughout his speech, Eustace spoke passionately about restoring St Vincent and the Grenadines to the glory it once knew. He stated that he looks forward to the day when young people can walk with their heads held high and women can once again have dignity.

The Opposition Leader at the same time told the audience that it is high time that no one man is SVG’s greatest resource.

“Every single Vincentian…will know that no one man has ever been or will ever be this country’s greatest resource, for the truth shall always be that we the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines, are our country’s greatest resource.”

During the evening’s proceedings, the NDP candidates in tomorrow’s election all signed a Social and Redemption Charter, which outlines the NDP’s promises on running SVG and restoring SVG.

Once such promise is “to respect the privacy of the citizens of the country and honour democracy and not only at election time; they are our employers; we serve at their pleaure.”

The evening also heard addresses from chair of the party Dr Linton Lewis; first vice-president Dr Godwin Friday, second vice-president St Clair Leacock; president of the Young Democrats Nick Francis and president of the Women’s Arm Doris McIntosh. (CM)