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Wife of prominent NDP politician blasts Burns

Wife of prominent NDP politician blasts Burns


The 2015 general elections in St Vincent and the Grenadines may go down in history as the elections of leaked telephone conversations.

Joseph Burns Bonadie, a political activist for the Unity Labour Party (ULP) received a tongue lashing recently from a woman whom he identified as the wife of a leading member of the{{more}} opposition New Democratic Party (NDP).

Reports are that the woman became irate after Bonadie mentioned her daughter’s name on the Shake UP radio programme on November 10.

Last Wednesday, November 25, while hosting the Shake Up programme on We FM, Bonadie played a recording of part of the telephone conversation he had with the woman on November 11.

The woman made certain allegations about the payment of taxes, then added, “I will put it on the radio for the Registry to come for yo ass; call my fr**ging daughter name again and you go hear ‘bout me, you call it, you call it, if you think I name Arnhim Eustace, you call it,” the female voice said.

“You want to threaten me? What you threatening me for? What you holding a thing over me for? You will go on the radio? … you will get the Registrar to come for my ass? I mean, I held back on the tape, and I told the daughter check with your mother, talk to your mother. I don’t know if they knew that she call and cuss me out. I don’t know if her husband knew? Because if she would have told him what she was going to do, I would assume that he would have told her you can’t use that language. No, she call me. If I get land from my uncle based on what his wife, my aunt wanted, I didn’t go and pull the land out of her hand you know…,” Bonadie commented on radio after playing the tape.

I wasn’t attacking the daughter…. I never mentioned anything to attack her at all… But then she gave me an ultimatum, then the mother called me on my phone home where I am begging for a lodging and tell me, call she daughter name one more time, what she is going to do to me on the radio,” he added.

Two weeks ago on November 10, a few days after the release of voice recordings of sexually explicit conversations allegedly between a woman and a high ranking member of the ULP, Bonadie, on the Shake Up radio programme, identified the female voice on the ‘sex tape’ and said that the tape was hatched in the highest echelons of persons who oppose the Unity Labour Party (ULP).

He said after the tape was released, the woman whose voice is heard on the tape left St Vincent on Sunday, on a LIAT flight accompanied by one Derrick Hadaway, and travelled to St Kitts, where they are “holed up in a hotel.”

The talk show host also revealed that the mother of the woman whose voice he identified on the ‘sex tape’ works with attorney Maia Eustace, the daughter of the leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) Arnhim Eustace.

“Now Derrick Hadaway is the nephew of Vynnette Frederick and I give you these details because both of them left here on Sunday. They sat on the LIAT flight seat 12B … and seat 12A … and they checked in the hotel in St Kitts in the same room,” revealed Bonadie.

Vynnette Frederick is the public relations officer of the NDP.